24 Abril
Fundação o Século, S. Pedro do Estoril, Portugal

De 24 a 28 de abril, decorrerá em S. J. Estoril, na Fundação O Século, a 11.ª Edição do ICELAB, Intensive Training Programme: Entrepreneurship & International Business, com a participação de 8 Universidades Internacionais.


Participants: 80 students from 8 diferent nations
Duration: 1 week

Business Plan Development
- preparatory work,
- teambuilding,
- cultural and social activities

At the end of the intensive program students will have worked out a detailed business plan (marketing/ communication/ finance).
The result will be a market entry plan for a company from one of the eight countries forone of the other seven countries.

Going Global…
Scaling up from local to global 
Today’s businesses have to deal with a global market for their products – developing new markets becomes one essential USP – unique selling proposition

10 Students…
… from diverse educational backgrounds and disciplines
… with open-mindedness, creativity, motivation and social skills
… with the ability to communicate in English.

Who can participate?
Supporting Lectures
Creativity: 3 hours
Business Plan Development: 2 hours
Entrepreneurial experience 2 hours
Marketing Communication: 2 hours
Strategies 2 hours
Finances: 2 hours
Diversity of Europe: 1 hour

To participate contact:
Prof. Carlos Alves Rosa


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