IxD Seminars / The Art and Craft of Game Programming #10 | What is Digital Handicraft?

22 Março
Lounge do Campus de Santos

Decorrerá a 22 de março, no lounge do Campus de Santos, o 5.º Seminário Internacional em IxD / The Art and Craft of Game Programming #10, sobre Digital Handicraft, com a presença de Isaque Sanches, Not a a Game Studio.

IxD Seminars / The Art and Craft of Game Programming #10 | What is Digital Handicraft?

Is Microsoft Solitaire generative art? Are humans beings random or pseudo-random? Does shading count as programmer art? In "What is Digital Handicraft?" Isaque Sanches talks about how pointless defintions and taxonomies made us miss the untapped potential of digital media when it comes to user interaction and procedural generation.


Isaque Sanches, Not a a Game Studio
Isaque Sanches is a game designer and a software developer born in Switzerland and currently living in Portugal.
He's currently working as a freelancer on a non-disclosed videogame project. He worked as a programmer for two years at Stratera Studios (2013-2016), one year at Pocket Studio and 360 Play (2016-2017), and he recently (2016) co-founded Not a Game Studio (a.k.a "Disconnect"). He worked as a videogame journalist and editor (2015-2016) and now as an external columinst (2017) at Rubber Chicken.
He's been developing I Am Tired ("Os Loucos de Lisboa") a live-action roleplaying system for three years (2013-present).
In May 2016 he started a self-imposed challenge of creating one interactive experience every week, and hasn't stopped since. He considers himself to be an afficionado and evangelist of indie games and game jams. Most of his non-professional work focuses on "alt games" and experimental game design.



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