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Tourism International Management

Tourism International Management

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This Master's Degree aims to provide its students with tools and resources to help them develop a solid international career in the tourism and hospitality sectors. This cycle of studies is based on three pillars: International Tourism Policies and Regulations; Destination Planning and Development; and Destination Management and Governance.A faculty of excellence is available to transmit technical knowledge in their areas of expertise, assisted by professionals of the sector who will be invited to present practical cases, share their experience and the best market practices.In a global...
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This Master's Degree aims to provide its students with tools and resources to help them develop a solid international career in the tourism and hospitality sectors. This cycle of studies is based on three pillars: International Tourism Policies and Regulations; Destination Planning and Development; and Destination Management and Governance.

A faculty of excellence is available to transmit technical knowledge in their areas of expertise, assisted by professionals of the sector who will be invited to present practical cases, share their experience and the best market practices.

In a global society facing worldwide dilemmas, we intend to provide our students with knowledge in different areas, such as: Geography, Economy, Finance, Marketing, Planning and Strategy. We aim to create global professionals, able to ‘think globally and act locally.

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4 semesters



Training Area

Tourism & Hospitality


Quinta do Bom Nome

Career Opportunities

Official tourist and/or Government organizations
International management functions in international operating businesses (such as service companies, hotel chains, tour operators, airline companies)
Advisory and management functions in the field of visitor management in urban areas, theme parks and nature reserves
International Marketing Management 
International Consultancy
Research functions in international (new) market development, market segmentation or market potential analysis
External advisory functions in international corporate, financial and organizational development for small and medium-sized companies.

Entry Requirements

You are entitled to attend the Master’s program at Universidade Europeia if you hold:

  • A Bachelor’s degree or a legal equivalent;
  • A foreign academic degree, recognized as meeting the objectives of this Master’s degree;
  • An academic, scientific or professional CV recognized by the competent body as attesting the capacity to attend this cycle of studies.

Applicants will be subject to a ranking process according to the following criteria:

  • Final grade of the Bachelor’s degree of the candidates;
  • Analysis and scores of academic and professional curricula;
  • Interview for assessing the candidate’s motivations.

The scores for each criteria are established and updated based on a proposal from the Rector ratified by the Scientific Council, establishing different scores according to the nature and range of the candidate’s work experience, training courses, publications and other items of interest.

Companies & Partners

Throughout the Master's program, students will be in permanent contact with the business world, either through the development of projects addressing real challenges presented by the companies, or through the participation in seminars and lectures promoted by reference specialists in the labour market.

International Experience

  • The entire master’s program is taugh in English;
  • International professors and professionals are invited to share their real-world experience and the best international practices in the area;
  • Participation in International Research Networking in Tourism and Hospitality (included)
  • Students will be able to acquire academic and practical competences and tools to work in a globalized world;
  • International partnerships will strengthen the students’ network contacts;
  • Designed for students who seek a broad perspective of the Tourism and Hospitality sectors.


Courses hours/Week ECTS
International Trends in Tourism and Hospitality

To identify and critically analyze the economic, social and political trends in a global world and its impacts on tourism development, discussing regional plans and policy guidelines of the WTO.

3 7
International Tourism Economics

To discuss economic theories and to integrate them with clear and concise examples and recent developments in tourism management.

3 3,5
Business Intelligence in a Global Context

To define key-concepts related to Business Intelligence in Tourism. To understand the current challenges of big data and multiple national and international data sources.

3 3,5
International Contracts and Alternative Dispute Resolution

Given the increasing importance of international contracts as fundamental elements of the international trade, this curricular unit aims to provide students with core tools, essential to understanding these instruments, with special attention to those belonging to the area of tourism.

3 3,5
Issues in International Management

To provide students (future managers and decision makers) with the opportunity to become acquainted with and examine contemporary issues in international tourism management.
Themes such as crisis and risk management, terrorism threats, mobility, cultural barriers, and technological innovation will be discussed. As contemporary issues can have unpredictable and unexpected impacts, new management strategies and policies are necessary for the future success of international tourism.

3 3,5
Planning and Development in Tourism Destinations

To understand the concepts of tourism development, planning, and related notions; to examine supply and demand in tourism; to evaluate the role and scale of policy and governance in tourism planning and development; and finally, to differentiate between the various models of regional, destination and site planning.

3 7
Seminar in International Hospitality & Tourism Management

This seminar is designed to enable graduate students and company executives to analyze the global environment by using analytical tools and factual knowledge so as to interpret and master critical issues that companies are facing in a global context.

2 2
Courses hours/Week ECTS
Best Practices in International Hospitality & Tourism Management

To recognize and differentiate the various concepts related to stakeholder theory; to know the various tools and resources for successful international hospitality and tourism management; to acquire knowledge of specific examples of best practices in international hospitality and tourism management.

3 7
Hospitality Marketing in Global Context

To provide students with technical and theoretical knowledge and fundamental tools related to the development of international marketing strategies; to debate the various markets associated with it by examining and identifying key strategies.

3 3,5
Financial Management in Hospitality

To make a financial and economic diagnosis of an organization; to identify and analyze the factors influencing the cash conversion cycle of the entity; to assess the importance of working capital as an instrument for financing operations.

3 3,5
Hospitality Operations in Global Context

 To identify and distinguish hotel operations according to their nature, scope, typology and size; to diagnose the main challenges / opportunities of hotel operations and to apply the most appropriate strategic models for the company's overall objectives; to plan and evaluate the effect of programmed actions on the overall dynamics of the company.

3 3,5
People Management in Tourism and Hospitality

To understand human resources in the international tourism and hospitality sectors and the different characteristics of the labor tourism market, as well as international mobility trends in the area.

3 3,5
Strategy and Globalization

To understand how a wide range of strategic management theories, constructs, methodologies, and tools can be used in different corporate environments and how internationalization and globalization can influence existing corporate strategies.  

3 7
Seminar in International Hospitality & Tourism Management

The Seminar in International and Hospitality & Tourism Management aims to be a discussion forum on the challenges facing tourism stakeholders, supporting students in identifying research problems.

2 2
Courses hours/Week ECTS
Final assignment

Elaboration of a proposal for a master’s thesis addressing a specific topic in the area of tourism and hospitality. Familiarization with research tools in the areas of tourism and hospitality and development of critical understanding of scientific and bibliographic sources.

Data Analysis in Hospitality and Tourism

To endow the students with knowledge and understanding of statistical methods used in hospitality and tourism. In addition to the more elementary statistical concepts and methods, including descriptive statistics, sampling theory, and inference statistics, the students will learn more sophisticated and appropriate data analysis techniques. 

3 4,5
Research Methods

The choice of methods for a research project is a big challenge. To know all the steps of a research project, and to analyze the strengths and weakness of each is the big aim of this class. Discussion and innovation are expected from the students.

3 3,5
Courses hours/Week ECTS

Students should now be able to conceive, design, adapt and conduct a significant research, complying with the standards of academic integrity and quality and contributing to the expansion of knowledge in the areas of Tourism and Hospitality.




Start Date
September Campus Quinta do Bom Nome


Certification and Accreditation

Aprovado pela A3ES em 12-09-2018

Registo nº R/A-Cr 111/2018 de 16-10-2018

Despacho nº 10951/2018,  DR nº 226/2018, Série II de 23-11-2018

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