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Tourism Management

Tourism Management

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Program in collaboration with ISCTE-IUL -

Program Overview
Our PhD in Tourism Management is a multidisciplinary, rigorous, comprehensive, yet flexible program of formal research within a variety of specialization study streams (see below).  As a student, you will benefit from the resources of two outstanding universities, Universidade...

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Program in collaboration with ISCTE-IUL -

Program Overview
Our PhD in Tourism Management is a multidisciplinary, rigorous, comprehensive, yet flexible program of formal research within a variety of specialization study streams (see below).  As a student, you will benefit from the resources of two outstanding universities, Universidade Europeia (UE) and Instituto Universitario de Lisboa (ISCTE-IUL), who have partnered to make this program available to the global community. Our PhD in Tourism Management opens a window of opportunities for you to further develop a variety of skills, including research, analytical, critical thinking, and writing for publication skills.

Program Goals

  • To develop the student´s ability to undertake rigorous research, such that the student makes an original contribution to academic knowledge and the practice of tourism and hospitality;
  • To ensure the very best learning experience in a vibrant academic environment where national and international networks support the student´s growth;
  • To nurture a cohort of high quality students to become world-class tourism and hospitality researchers and academic scholars who seek positions in academia, business, or governmental organizations.

Learning Goals 

  • To develop deep and systematic insights on tourism and hospitality topical issues, including stakeholder issues;
  • To ensure the design and implementation of sound research plans according to ethical and methodological norms;
  • To develop the ability to critique and improve research in tourism and hospitality;
  • To create an awareness of the best research practices worldwide;
  • To develop regional, national and international networks.

Study (research) themes:
Topics of research interests of this PhD include, but are not limited to: 

  • Hospitality and Hotel Management
  • Tourism Management
  • Tourism Economics and Financial Management
  • Convention and Events Management
  • Hotel and Tourism Technology Management
  • Architecture and Tourism
  • Innovation and Entrepreneurship in Tourism

Coursework, research proposal, and final defence details:

  • There are four blocks of coursework, that run in January, April, September and November of each year.
  • Each block is eight to nine days in length.  During these eight or nine days you will take five difference courses.
  • Classes for each of the courses typically run Monday to Friday the first week, and then Monday to Wednesday or Thursday the second week.  A typical day is 9:00 am to 6:00 pm.
  • Full-time students begin coursework in January and finish in December of the same year.  In contrast, part-time students may choose to take the January and April block of courses or the September and December block of courses in their first year of studies.  Whichever block of courses a part-time student does not take in the first year, must be taken in the second year of studies. 
  • During the coursework, students may begin working on their research proposal, in consultation with their dissertation supervisors.  It is expected that full-time students will present their research proposals for formal approval at approximately 18 months into their program and defend their research dissertation on or before the three-year mark. Part-time students will present their research proposals for formal approval at approximately 24 months into their program and will defend their research dissertation on or before the six-year mark.

Why Tourism Management at ISCTE-IUL & Universidade Europeia?

  • Scholarships for two students in each intake year. The scholarship is in the amount of 950 Euros per month for 10 months. The scholarship application process is competition based and awarded to two students in a blind review process.  Application deadline date is March 31st of each year and the successful students are advised on or before April 30th of each year.

  • Study flexibility: Study part-time (take up to six years to complete) or full time (~ three years to complete).  Classes take place in four blocks of eight or nine full days of classes (January, April, September, November). Students only need to be physically present in Lisbon during classes and can return home between the blocks of classes.  In extenuating circumstances, it may be possible to attend one of the four blocks of classes via e-learning. This flexibility is particularly appealing to working executives and professionals in academia and tourism organizations.

  • A PhD organized by articles that opens a myriad of opportunities for publications in high ranking journals that will help to get your academic career started or invigorated.

  • A faculty team with strong academic qualifications, distinguished teaching and research skills, industry and international experience at your disposal, to guide your PhD journey.

  • A strong supervisory committee.  In consultation with the student and the Scientific Committee, students will choose two supervisors (one from ISCTE-IUL and one from UE). NOTE: In some cases, it may be necessary to choose one of the two supervisors from outside ISCTE-IUL or UE.  The benefits of having two supervisors is of immeasurable value to students, and it will add depth and breadth to your PhD journey.

  • Lisbon is a beautiful, vibrant, and safe international tourism destination. It goes without saying that Lisbon is considered one of the world´s top tourism destinations that has seen a surge in visitations over the last few years.  What better place to undertake your doctoral studies and research than in a destination that is rich in heritage, culture, art, artifacts, and diversity, all of which you can visit via Lisbon´s fabulous public transportation system … and lest we forget ... who can resist those wonderful pastries enjoyed with a flavorful expresso at a year-found, side-walk café?



Scientific publications +
Pedagogic publications +

Ministerial Order Nr. 9886/2013, 26/07/2013, II Serie nr. 143, D.R.

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6 semesters



Training Area

Tourism & Hospitality

International Experience

Participation in international seminars and conferences.
Classes with teachers from various international schools, from New Zealand to South America.
Participation in research projects with researchers from universities in Europe and America.
Exchange programs with research centers in Europe.
Content from Laureate Schools of Excellence.

Business Experience

Possibility of working on 'action research' thesis oriented to people who want to continue their career in business.
Agreements with multinational companies to work on PhD theses in business context in Portugal and abroad.
Courses that combine fundamental and applied research - combining teaching career with consulting projects.


Courses hours/Week ECTS
Research Design I 28 6
Qualitative Methods 28 6
Economics and Planning Development in Tourism 28 6
Research Development and Publication 28 6
Research Project I 28 6
Courses hours/Week ECTS
Research Design II 28 6
Statistical Methods 28 6
Optional I 28 6
Optional II 28 6
Research Project II 28 6
Courses hours/Week ECTS
International Seminar in Hospitality and Tourism Management 40 20
Thesis in Hospitality and Tourism Management 40 100
Courses hours/Week ECTS
Hospitality Management and Operations 28 6
Marketing and Innovation in Hospitality and Tourism 28 6
Tourism and Urban Worlds 28 6
Anthropological Perspectives in Hospitality and Tourism 28 6
Branding and Positioning of Services and Places 28 6
Hospitality and Leisure Management 28 6
Start Date
September Campus Quinta do Bom Nome

It is a true privilege to be attending the Tourism Management PhD program at ISCTE/UE in Lisbon and being prepared for an outstanding career in academia with remarkable and prestigious professors who are totally committed to mentoring their students. Our course work benefits from a program that is not just about writing scientific papers of international import, but which leads to strong research development from day one. Through an interactive environment based on ample investigation resources and faculty who provide me with supportive and tailored guidance, I am well on the way to bringing my project to fruition.

Olga Calado


Certification and Accreditation

Aprovado pela A3ES em 09/01/2017

Registo nº R/A-Cr 124/2013/AL01 em 22/12/12/2018

Despacho nº 1010/2018, de 26/01/2018, II Série nº 19, D.R.

(available only in Portuguese)

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