This Bachelor’s Degree in management, in line with international trends in the area of management, is taught entirely in English. A full programme which enables students to develop skills such as leadership and team management. During the management course, students will also take a certification which will complement the set of tools and skills acquired during the three years, a certification in body language and negotiation, within the scope of a partnership with Microexpressões Faciais.

This course also includes a mandatory international* mobility semester in the third curricular year, and students also have the possibility of attending one of three renowned international schools in the field of management:

  • PACE University (New York, U.S.A.)
  • ESCE International Business School (Paris, France)

International mobility (6th semestre):

The admission to some partner schools might be conditioned to the:

  • · Number of places available;
  • · Level of proficiency in English;
  • · Academic merit.

The completion of the mobility period at some schools might involve the payment of an additional fee (e.g.PACE).

The list of partner universities can be updated at any time.

*It does not include extra costs with the programme abroad, transport, accommodation and food. Some schools may require payment of additional tuition fees to attend the semester.

Registration R/AC-Cr 36/2013/AL02 (DGES)


Students will have the possibility to attend a semester at the following renowned schools:

         ESCE - École Supérieure du Commerce Extérieur


During the degree, students will have constant contact with the business world in and out of the classroom, both through seminars with renowned leaders and professionals and through a mandatory traineeship.


  • Body Language and Negotiation
Miguel de Almeida Santos
I chose this degree because of its international aspect and the comprehensive insight it provides its students. (...) Another thing that makes it stand out is the fact that students have access to a high-quality faculty. The possibility of international mobility at the LSE Custom Programme at the London School of Economics and Political Science is a plus.

Miguel de Almeida Santos


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Timetable Morning and Afternoon


September 2017

Quinta do Bom Nome

Entrance Exams

Economics or Geography or Mathematics

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