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Exchange Programmes

Exchange Programmes

International mobility experience is essential to the development of global professionals. As such, Universidade Europeia fosters the development of mobility periods during the academic career of its students.

Students may study in prestigious international universities through the following exchange programmes:

Erasmus +
The Erasmus + Programme allows students to move around within Europe, thus gaining a cultural, social and academic perspective of the countries that participate in the programme.
This mobility programme is funded within the framework of the Erasmus bilateral cooperation agreements, wherein the students pay tuition fees at their home University.

Erasmus Charter for Higher Education 2014-2020 >>

Eramus Policy Statement >>

Garcilaso is a programme which is exclusive to the Laureate Group and its objective is to invest heavily in mobility beyond borders, with greater emphasis on countries outside of Europe. In this way, students may have a unique experience which allows them to develop or expand their networking, learn a new language, as well as come into contact with new social and academic realities, very different from their own.

Other Agreements
Universidade Europeia also has a number of cooperation agreements with leading Universities all over the world.


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