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Leading strategic forward-thinking approaches to markets.

The mission of the Business and Social Sciences’ School is to prepare future professionals to face global paradigm shifts and technological innovations that have been transforming the management, people management and law industries. With the introduction of active teaching methods such as the PBL (Project-Based Learning), a complete offer and a constant connection with the business world, we bring forward a new mindset, guaranteeing the students’ professional immersion as well as their actual preparation for the global labour market, in terms of technical skills and soft skills.

Business networking

Constant networking with the labour market, with the presentation of real challenges set by partner companies to the students.

A new mindset

Each degree has been designed taking into consideration the latest trends in its corresponding industry, applying active methods for a practical application of acquired knowledge.


Active participation by students and academic staff in the development of sustainability and social entrepreneurship projects. Simulation of a work environment at the academy, under the supervision of mentors (Innovation Lab)..


Prof. Doutor Eduardo Vera-Cruz Pinto
Director of the Law degree

This Bachelor's degree has been designed to ensure the graduates’ solid training in the different scientific areas, favouring those who intend to pursue an entrepreneurial career. We tried, in an innovative way, to include a strong practical and soft skills component to meet a set of skills sought after by employers.

Patron of the Postgraduate degree in Cybersecurity - Aurélio Blanquet
Director of the Digital Networks Platform at EDP Distribuição

Industry 4.0 encompasses a new Era in digital economy, marking the transformation of business models, of business organization and the lives of citizens, increasing exposure to the risks of cyberspace and cyber threats. The answer to this challenge’s complexity demands setting a holistic cybersecurity strategy, capable of sustaining the aligned evolution of technology, people and processes in the Digital transformation of organizations. In this context, this degree represents a unique multidisciplinary training opportunity in Cybersecurity, transmitting theoretical and practical knowledge necessary for the development of adequate corporate strategies and qualifications, training highly qualified professionals in a highly relevant area for the development of organizations, the economy and society.

Cláudia Paredes
Student of a Bachelor's degree in GRHOE

The Bachelor's degree in Human Resources Management and Organizational Strategy prepares students for today’s labour market, with a syllabus prepared towards the acquisition and development of key skills in human resources management. The academic staff’s constant availability and unconditional support, with a high work experience, sets this degree apart from others. These were three very enriching years, which have contributed greatly to my personal and professional development.

João Almerum
Student of a Bachelor's degree in Management

To be part of the growth of Universidade Europeia, in general, and of the Bachelor's degree in Management in particular has been a rewarding experience, full of challenges and opportunities. The academic staff challenges us with an up-to-date syllabus and innovative teaching initiatives. Moreover, we have the opportunity to take part in traineeships which allow us to anticipate, from very early on, our professional future. The teaching-learning model also allows students to develop remarkable skills, ready to be used in the labour market and achieve success.


DCU - Parceiro FCES
EGOR - Parceiro FCES
ESCE - Parceiro FCES
Grupo SOFT - Parceiro FCES
Lactalis - Parceiro FCES
FNAC - Parceiro FCES
Microexpressões Faciais - Parceiro FCES
PACE University - Parceiro FCES
RTP - Parceiro FCES
Think Open - Parceiro FCES
UC Berkeley Extension - Parceiro FCES
UCB - Parceiro FCES
UCR - Parceiro FCES

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