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FCSD – Sports & Health School

Improving the quality of life of societies through health and sports.
The mission of the Sports and Healthcare School is to train leading global professionals who promote the society’s health and well-being, integrating healthy habits and practices in order to prevent diseases, improve health and increase the quality of life for everyone. We seek to cross the physical interdependencies of sports with the mental preparation of psychology. In order to do so, FSCD has state-of-the-art facilities, with laboratories such as the Sports & Medicine Lab, where students can put into practice the knowledge they acquired.

Skills framework

The degree is built around skills (hard and soft) and its interdependencies between knowledge, skills and attitudes.

Problem-based learning

Knowledge is contextualized by the presence of industry professionals in the classroom, who present students real challenges that companies face.

Learn from the best

Partnership with Real Madrid in the global Bachelor's degree in Sports Management and Masterclasses with renowned national and international experts.


Liliane Rodrigues
Student of Psychology

I chose this university because this bachelor’s degree has a very strong practical side to it. With modern and unique facilities, it is possible to simulate the day-to day life of a psychologist. The academic staff are quite accessible and create an environment of motivation and great support.

Miguel Cardoso
Student of Sports Management

Enrol in this Bachelor's degree was the best choice I ever made! The classroom environment and dynamics are spectacular, the experiences are very close to those from a work context and the competence and attention of professors prepare us in the best way for the business world of Sports.

Tiago Silvestre
Student of Sports Sciences and Physical Activity

This Bachelor's degree is quite unique. Its professors have a high knowledge and experience from the professional world and enjoy teaching. There is a strong connection between theory and practice, helping us to evolve in a professional and personal context. The Tiago Silvestre from three years ago is completely different from the Tiago of nowadays.


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