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Pedro Barbas Homem - Reitor da Universidade Europeia


"Universidade Europeia, a solid, scientific and cultural project rooted in the oldest private higher education institution in Portugal, is part of the largest global higher education network: the Laureate Network.

Universidade Europeia has been making a name for itself among the best Portuguese higher education institutions due not only to its quality and innovative academic model, but also to its areas of specialisation. These have been increasingly developed from an international perspective in order to invest in an education without borders and attract international students.

Now is the time to strengthen the quality and distinctiveness of the educational project focused on students’ personal and professional achievement, shaping world citizens and proactive agents for change, so that Universidade Europeia may continue to distinguish itself as a leading international university and the first choice among students and recruiters.

Universidade Europeia’s objectives for the coming years are extremely ambitious: to consolidate its academic model; to create a school in the field of healthcare with a solid programme; to expand towards the North of Portugal; to internationalize its education, training and research; to improve its scientific and teaching quality; to contribute to its students’ personal and professional achievement, making Universidade Europeia a leading institution, increasingly present in Portuguese society, a symbol of quality and prestige, synonymous with professionalism and internationalization, and the first choice for students and employers. " 

Prof. Doutor Pedro Barbas Homem

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Professora Doutora Diana Dias, Vice-Reitora

Associate Professor with Habilitation. Associate Researcher since 2009 at CIPES - Centro de Investigação de Políticas do Ensino Superior (Research Centre for Higher Education Policies) at University of Porto (UP). Holder of a Bachelor’s degree in Psychology (UP), a Postgraduate degree in Psychotherapy and Vocational Guidance (UP), a PhD in Educational Sciences (UP) with a thesis on students’ integration in Higher Education, she was granted habilitation from the University of Minho under the specialty of Educational Psychology. Member of the Portuguese Psychologists Association, sits on its Scientific Council and is a member of the Committee for coordination between Higher Education and Research in Psychology. Has an extensive scientific work published in indexed journals (Web of Science and SCOPUS), namely on higher education, and is the European representative at the Teaching and Learning Research Group, at Laureate International Universities. Throughout her career, she has held several positions of scientific and pedagogical coordination, namely as Head of a Higher Education Institution and President of the Pedagogical Council of a Polytechnic Institute. A consultant for higher education policies, she has worked with several national and international organizations, notably with A3ES, CNE, EUA, UNESCO and OECD. The Vice-Rector will be responsible for the institutional assessing process on re-accreditation of study programmes, in addition to accompanying and representing the Rector on other subjects.

Professor Doutor Carlos Duarte, Pró-Reitor
Professor. Holder of a Bachelor’s degree in Design - Industrial Design from IADE - Escola Superior de Design, a PhD in Production Engineering from the University of Beira Interior and was granted habilitation in Electrical and Computer Engineering from the University of Trás-os-Montes and Alto Douro. Since 2014 holds the position of Professor at IADE - Universidade Europeia, having taken on the position of Chairman at IADE - Escola Superior de Design (2006-2012); Chairman of the Board of IADE - Escola Superior de Marketing e Publicidade (2007-2012); President of IADE (2008-2014) and Rector of IADE-U Instituto de Arte, Design e Empresa – Universitário (2014-2016). Collaborates with Rede Nacional de Mentores (Portuguese Mentoring Network) from IAPMEI – Agência para a Competitividade e Inovação, I.P., under the framework of the Portuguese Strategy for Entrepreneurship - StartUP Portugal (since 2015); he is also a stakeholder of KATCH_e Project: a Knowledge Alliance between Higher Education institutions, companies and research centres. Was a member of the Design and Fine Arts Experts Commission by DGES - Directorate General for Higher Education (2006-2009); member of the Assessment Panel on the Competition to award Individual PhD and Post-PhD Scholarships in Architecture, Urbanism and Design by FCT - Fundação para a Ciência e a Tecnologia (2012) and a Jury member for the National Design Awards, Sena da Silva - Career Award by the Portuguese Design Centre (2003). Became an honorary member of Clube de Criativos de Portugal (2016) and received the Gold Mercury Sustainability Award and the Personality of the Year Award, by Gold Mercury (2010).

Professor Doutor Adelino Cunha, Pró-Reitor
Assistant Professor. Historian and professor of Contemporary History and Journalism at Universidade Europeia – Laureate International Universities. Holder of a Bachelor’s degree in History from Universidade Lusíada and a PhD with unanimous distinction and honours in Contemporary History from University of Lisbon, within the framework of the PhD Interuniversity Programme in Lisbon (University of Lisbon, Universidade Católica Portuguesa, University of Évora, Instituto de Ciências Sociais and ISCTE). Was the Manager of Focus magazine and editor of politics at O Independente, A Capital, Correio da Manhã and Jornal de Notícias (Portuguese newspapers), having finished his journalism career as a reporter for NS magazine from Diário de Notícias newspaper. He is the author of the following books: A Ascensão ao Poder de Cavaco Silva (Edeline, 2005), Álvaro Cunhal – Retrato Pessoal e Íntimo (Esfera dos Livros, 2010), António Guterres – Os Segredos do Poder (Alêtheia, 2013) and Filhos da Clandestinidade (Esfera dos Livros, 2016).


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