Social Responsibility


The Universidade Europeia’s Social Responsibility (SR) policy serves three entities: the Student, the University and the surrounding Community.
The importance of a volunteering experience for the student adds value to their professional training and enriches their development as a person and as a citizen.

For Universidade Europeia, social responsibility practices mean greater proximity to the community, a useful contribution and a responsible image in line with its own institutional philosophy, whose values are guided by truth, transparency, rigour and the sharing of knowledge.

This translates into an invaluable gain for the community. It is in a narrative of solidarity and social participation that we find a more balanced and fairer society, and that we focus on a sound and sustainable development. This is the benefit we offer to the community.
Creating Global Professionals also means fostering impactful and aware citizens, prepared to create a sustainable world, socially, economically and environmentally.


1. Mobilise Universidade Europeia's Community for social and environmental Social Responsibility projects, involving students, professors and collaborators;
2. Raising awareness on the importance of volunteering and Corporate Social Responsibility;
3. Bolster Universidade Europeia as a socially responsible entity.


  • Responsibility;
  • Diversity;
  • Transparency;
  • Ethical Conduct;
  • Respect for human rights;
  • Respect for the interests of the parties involved, namely students, professors, collaborators and the surrounding community.

Universidade Europeia is a member of GRACE - Group for Reflection and Support of Corporate Citizenship (, with the purpose of establishing, with GRACE and its members, a partnership of added value which enables learning, training and the development of actions to raise awareness on the importance of social responsibility, in the corporate and academic worlds.

Social Responsibility Day is a symbolic annual event held by Universidade Europeia, IADE and IPAM where the academic community is invited to participate in a volunteering project of a social and/or environmental nature. Over 800 volunteers have already participated in the Day, marked in the school calendar as a day without lessons.
4 editions have already been held with a host of partner entities:

2013 - Rehabilitation of the former Mina de Água School to give a home to the Social Campus of Santa Casa da Misericórdia da Amadora
2014 - Rehabilitation and cleaning up of the São Domingos de Benfica Woods in the Monsanto Forest Park (Fotos)
2015 - Forest Clean up and Maintenance of the Mafra National Woods (Fotos | Video)
2016 - Environmental Restoration of the Leiria National Woods (Fotos | Video)

During the academic year, Universidade Europeia develops and participates in a number of social projects, supporting several institutions and causes, such as blood drives, collecting toys for children who are hospitalised at the Portuguese Oncology Institute (IPO), collecting clothes for Comunidade Vida e Paz, aiding the Toca a Todos [Concerns Us All] initiative against child poverty, amongst many others.