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Code of Ethics and Conduct

At Laureate, people whose lives we touch place their trust on us every day: students trust us to shape their future; parents entrust their children to us; suppliers trust us as a fair business partner and our communities rely on us to educate citizens, abide by the law and act as an agent of economic development. We must be worthy of this trust. We prove ourselves as a trustworthy institution through our actions, showing our commitment in providing an excellent and quality education. It can take years to gain this trust, which can be lost in a second.

Our success depends on all the ways others depend on us – and rising to the occasion. Our teaching institutions and our work around the world have earned us this trust and our good deeds will further develop it.

Code of Ethics and Conduct is an essential guide to develop this trust. It defines critical aspects of how we should be and act. It addresses our mutual responsibilities, our responsibilities towards Laureate and towards everyone we interact with. We must continue to obtain positive results, but never through acts that are not worthy of trust. We must abide by the law, always act ethically and ask for help when in doubt.

We abide by the law and follow the Code

Laureate is committed to acting in an honest and ethical way. This means that each one us must be responsible for promoting integrity and an ethical conduct in all our activities. We must:

  • abide by the law in all countries where we are present;
  • read the Code and uphold its standards;
  • avoid activities that may call into question Laureate’s integrity;
  • ask for advice when in doubt on the proper way to act;
  • report any conduct that may break the law or violate the Code.


Laureate is committed to abiding by all legislations pertaining to its activity around the world. Under certain circumstances, local laws may impose different requirements from those in this Code. Should there be a conflict between local legislation and this Code of Conduct, the legislation must be complied with. Although we are not expected to know all laws and regulations, we are expected to judge situations reasonably and request counselling or advice when necessary. In addition to the Code and other Laureate policies, local policies and our institution’s academic regulations can, in many cases, impose further requirements of conduct. We must follow these guidelines. In case of conflict, we must follow the more restrictive standard.  

The proper way of conduct is not always obvious. It is essential to act with judgement. This means that it is necessary to follow this Code’s spirit as well as the law, do what is right and act ethically, even when the law is silent.

When confronted with a situation where we have to decide on the right way to act, we must ask ourselves the following questions:

  • Am I following the spirit of any laws and politics of Laureate and /or the Institutions I am associated with, not acting solely to the letter?
  • Would I want by actions disclosed in the press or online?
  • What would my colleagues, family, friends and neighbours think of my actions?
  • Can my actions harm Laureate or my Institution?
  • If doubts persist, we must seek clarification before acting.  



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