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    Estibaliz Barranco Acha

       “(...) it is our responsibility to shape free citizens with the same rights, capable of changing this world into a fairer, more balanced world, free from discrimination and segregation of any kind.”

“The United Nations declared 8 March the International Women's Day, a day when, all of us together, demand equal rights and opportunities between genders.
I am privileged to be leading an organization, alongside our Rector, where Equality and non-discrimination are part of our DNA. It is our deepest wish that, one day, this day will be known as the Gender, Opportunity and Rights Equality Celebration Day for all men and women, regardless of their colour, age, race, gender, financial situation, belief or religion.
It´s our responsibility to shape free citizens with the same rights, capable of changing this world into a fairer, more balanced world, free from discrimination and segregation of any kind. This is not a dream, but a goal towards which we work every day.
The Statement of Commitment towards Gender Equality, signed by the entire community of Universidade Europeia, IADE and IPAM, through its Rector, Presidents of Student Associations and myself, which we share today, it another step in this long journey ahead of us.”


Universidade Europeia, IADE, IPAM Lisboa and IPAM Porto, have a deep commitment to Gender Equality in our community and are therefore committed to developing actions for gender equality in their Schools, as well as in the communities in which they are present, regarding equality of rights, opportunities, salaries and project and team leadership.

See our Statement of Commitment towards Gender Equality here (only in PT)


Women’s Creativity since the Modern Movement (MoMoWo)

Project 2014-2411/001-001 | 552374-CREA-1-2014-1-IT-CULT-COOP 2

Scientific responsible:
 Maria Helena Souto
Research Group:  Mapear o Design

20 October 2014 - 19 October 2018

Large-scale cooperation project, co-financed by the Creative Europe Programme, under the sub-programme for culture, interdisciplinary and non-profit, bringing together seven European university institutions under the leadership of the Polytechnic of Turin (Italy), IADE (Portugal), Universidad de Oviedo (Spain), Vrije University (Netherlands), ZRC SAZU (Slovenia), Université Grenoble Alpes (France) and SiTI (Italy).

MoMoWo is the first project selected and funded by the European Union dedicated to studying the work of professional women in architecture, product design, interior design, landscape architecture, urban planning and civil engineering, from the modern movement until modern days (1918-2018). The project aims to celebrate the contributions made by professional women to Europe’s material and cultural heritage. The various activities that make up the MoMoWo programme were designed with the aim to strengthen the social and economic role of professionals women in the project’s culture.

For Gender Equality

Patrícia Araújo
Professor at IPAM

Contributed to the Book Published by IEFP - Portuguese Employment and Vocational Training Institute. The book “Ser jovem, Ser Trabalhador: Incertezas, Desafios e Respostas” (To be Young and a Worker: Uncertainties, Challenges and Answers) includes two chapters written by Patrícia Araújo, professor at IPAM Porto. One of the book’s chapters addresses the issue of profiling teachers for curricular units of transferable-skills (The M.O.D.E.L. Profile: Proposing a Teacher’s Profile for Curricular Disciplines Promoting Transferable Skills in Higher Education [Full English Paper]) while the other addresses challenges for the new generation of consumers (Comportamento de Jovens Consumidores: Orientações para a Educação Social na promoção do Consumo Frugal, Ético e Sustentável) [Behaviour of Young Consumers: Guidelines for Social Education in the promotion of a Frugal, Ethical and Sustainable Consumption].

Ana Margarida Ferreira
Professor at IADE-UE

The Projeto L3, coordinated by Prof. Ana Margarida Ferreira, professor at IADE-UE, received the HERE FOR GOOD 2017 Award, in the category of Faculty/Staff. The HERE FOR GOOD Award aims to celebrate exceptional projects from the Laureate network which have, in some way, had a positive social impact in their community and world.

Bárbara Leão
Professor at IPAM Lisboa

A professor at IPAM Lisbon, Bárbara is the founder and current manager of one of the leading projects in sustainability in Portugal – Biovilla.
Find out more:

Joana Reis
Sports Researcher at Universidade Europeia

Joana Reis, a sports researcher at Universidade Europeia won, on February 2017, 1st place at the Research in Sports Sciences COP/Millennium BCP Foundation Competition, in the category of Sports Medicine.


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