Pillars of Behavioral Econmics Conference

03 Outubro
Auditório do Campus da Quinta do Bom Nome

Behavioral Economics is a rapidly growing multidisciplinary field with many key contributions to the understanding of judgment and decision making, both in academia and in practice (business and finance, politics, health, among others).

Pillars of Behavioral Econmics Conference

Two Nobel laureates, Daniel Kahneman in 2002 and Richard Thaler in 2017, underscore the flight that Behavioral Economics has taken ever since the publication of the founding article, by Amos Tversky and Daniel Kahneman, on choice under risk and prospect theory, still a cornerstone of the field. This conference, Pillars of Behavioral Economics, has as its main goal to convey, in presentations by four experts, where Behavioral Economics stands today on its four fundamental pillars.




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