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Bachelor's in Tourism

Bachelor's Degree in Tourism Lisboa

Deeply linked with the business world and focused on the creation, management, and dissemination of best practices in tourism and hospitality.

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Bachelor's Degree in Tourism

The Tourism degree is the first and only bachelor's degree in this area lectured 100% in English in Portugal.

This program is deeply linked with the business world and is focused on creating, managing and disseminating knowledge and best practices in tourism and hospitality, opening unprecedented employment opportunities. This program creates new employment opportunities for a global world by immersing students in an innovative academic model.

With more than 170 partnerships in the areas of tourism and hospitality, this bachelor's provides students with diverse real-world experiences in the tourism industry: Vila Galé, Pestana, Tivoli Hotels, Viagens Abreu, Uniplaces, Museus de Portugal, CCB, Zomato and Fórum Turismo 2.1, among many other partnerships.

Degree with one of the highest employability rates in the market: 96 % Tourism (source: infocursos).

Bachelor's degree accredited by Tourism of Portugal.

Lispolis 180 ECTS
Start: September 2024
3 years Faculty of Social Sciences and Technology
Higher academic degree

60 years of experience in shaping the careers of professionals in the tourism and hospitality industry.

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Why choose a Bachelor's in Tourism?


Multidisciplinary vision with several opportunities in the labour market.

  • Experiential and immersive learning is the basis of our academic model where learning is done by doing, being, thinking and living.
  • An integrative and multidisciplinary approach that prepares the student for a global and diverse world.
  • Access to global resources and professional networks and paves the way for valuable internships and career opportunities.
  • Focus on creating, managing and disseminating knowledge and best practices in tourism and hospitality.
  • An innovative academic model where technology and teaching complement each other.
  • Tourism Lab: entrepreneurship, creation, innovation.
  • Permanent update on the latest trends.
  • Provides English language skills that are essential in the global business and tourism background.
  • Flexibility when choosing foreign languages – Portuguese, Spanish or French.
  • 6 semesters of a foreign language.
  • Bachelor's degree recognized by Tourism of Portugal.
International Experience
  • Students have the chance to live a truly global experience with our exclusive partnerships and the Erasmus program.
  • The Universidade Europeia offers its students the possibility of international mobility under the Erasmus + Programme and other cooperation protocols.
  • It currently has around 200 partner universities spread around the world. Among these, this program has the following exclusive partners:
    • Breda University of Applied Sciences, Países Baixos
    • CETT: School of Tourism, Hospitality and Gastronomy, Barcelona
    • University of Central Florida, Rosen College
    • Haaga-Helia University of Applied Sciences, Helsinki
  • Each programme has a list of specific partnerships, to be consulted with the International Office.
  • Development of innovative projects for national and international contests in association with leading companies.
  • More than 170 partnerships in tourism-related areas.
  • Possibility of carrying out the 240 hours of curricular internship abroad.

Turismo de Portugal


The bachelor's degree in Tourism is recognized by Tourismo de Portugal.



Tourism Geography45
Tourism Economics45
Fundamentals of Tourism45
Technologies for Tourism I22,5
Foreign Language I22,5
Tourism Laboratory I45


Tourism Law45
Tourism and Transport45
Tourism Analysis and Indicators45
Tourism Planning and Development45
Technologies for Tourism II22,5
Foreign Language II22,5
Tourism Laboratory II45


Tourism Marketing45
Tourist Markets and Products45
Tourism Promotion and Entertainment45
Design and Management of Tourist Experiences45
Technologies for Tourism III22,5
Foreign Language III22,5
Tourism Laboratory III45


Travel Agencies and Tour Operators45
Material and Immaterial Heritage45
Protocol and Event Management45
Digital and Virtual Marketing45
Technologies for Tourism IV22,5
Foreign Language IV22,5
Tourism Laboratory IV45


Tourism Management and Operations45
Accounting and Finance45
People and Team Management45
Entrepreneurship and Strategy45
Communication Skills22,5
Foreign Language V22,5
Tourism Laboratory V45


Business Plan45
Optional I45
Optional II45
Optional III45
Final Project / Internship810

09 Geography or 11 History or 18 Portuguese


Ana Sofia Duque


Ana Sofia Duque has a PhD in Tourism, Leisure, and Culture from the Faculty of Arts and Humanities of the University of Coimbra. She defended her thesis on ‘Tourist Satisfaction: An Analysis of foreign tourists visiting historic centres in Portugal’. In May 2019, this work was awarded the Best Doctoral Thesis Prize by Turismo do Centro de Portugal. She is currently an Assistant Professor at the Faculty of Social Sciences and Technology at the European University, where she coordinates the Tourism Degree and the Double Degree in Tourism and Hotel Management. Since 2019, she has also been a Visiting Assistant Professor at the Polytechnic Institute of Viseu, in the School of Technology and Management.

Cláudia Gouveia


Cláudia Gouveia holds a PhD and a Master’s degree in Tourism. She works at Universidade Europeia, teaching Tourism and Hospitality Management. She teaches the subjects she’s most passionate about such as ‘Memorable Tourism Experiences’ and ‘Tourism Product Development’. Her academic interests relate to tourism consumer behaviour, with a particular focus on the development of family-friendly themed products. Before starting her PhD, she worked for five years for Catai Tours, a Tour Operator in Barcelona. She continues to work with Catai as a tour guide accompanying groups, with a special focus on themed family tours to Morocco “In Search of the 3 Wise Men” and Lapland “Meeting Santa Claus”. This allows her to combine the benefits of her work as a guide with her academic background, and share practical experiences and interesting stories with her students. Besides her professional and academic activities, she owns an Airbnb apartment in Setúbal called ‘Homevolution’, where she is a proud Superhost. In her free time, she loves to travel and discover new places.

Career opportunities

  • Administration and management of tourism companies

  • Tour operators, travel agencies and air carriers

  • Cruise Director

  • Technical roles in public and private tourism organizations

  • Destination Marketing Manager

  • Specialized projects for the leisure industry

  • Tourism Promotion and Entertainment

  • Event Manager

  • Coordination of tourism-related documentary services

  • Tour Manager


ComillasThe Bachelor's degree in Tourism from Universidade Europeia is an asset for anyone wanting to work in an industry as important as tourism. During my academic path, I have acquired knowledge which, nowadays, I can put into practice, being valued. Regarding the academic staff, they also work actively in the labour market, which means they can share their opinions and advice.

Andreia Oliveira



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    Certification and Accreditation

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    Registo nº R/A -Ef 48/2012/AL02, a 20/07/2021

    Despacho n.º 7801/2021, de 9 de agosto de 2021, II Série nº 153 D.R. (available only in Portuguese).