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Bachelor's in Tourism

Bachelor's Degree in Tourism Lisboa

Strongly connected with the business world and focused on the creation, management, and dissemination of best practices in tourism and hospitality.

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Bachelor's Degree in Tourism

This Tourism degree, strongly connected with the business world, is focused on the creation, management and dissemination of knowledge and best practices in tourism and hospitality, opening unprecedented employment opportunities. More than 170 partnerships in the areas of tourism and hospitality provide students with diverse real-world experiences in the tourism industry: Vila Galé, Pestana, Tivoli Hotels, Viagens Abreu, Uniplaces, Museus de Portugal, CCB, Zomato and Fórum Turismo 2.1, among many other partnerships.

Degree with one of the highest employability rates in the market: 95 % Tourism (source: infocursos).

Bachelor's degree recognized by Tourism of Portugal.

Lispolis 180 ECTS
3 years Faculty of Social Sciences and Technology
Higher academic degree

Admission exams

  • 09 Geography or 11 History or 18 Portuguese

Why the Bachelor's Degree in Tourism?


Multidisciplinary vision with several opportunities in the labour market.

  • Multidisciplinary vision with several opportunities in the labour market.
  • Focus on the creation, management and dissemination of knowledge and best practices in
  • tourism and hospitality.
  • An innovative academic model where technology and teaching complement each other.
  • Innovate and create: Integrated tourism labs.
  • Development of innovative projects with the participation of companies.
  • Permanent update on the latest trends.
  • Bachelor's degree recognized by Tourism of Portugal.
  • More than 170 partnerships in the areas of tourism.
International Experience

The Universidade Europeia offers its students the possibility of international mobility under the Erasmus + programme and other cooperation protocols. It currently has around 200 partner universities spread around the world. Among these, the main destinations of choice for our students are the Universidad Andrés Bello (Chile), the Universidad Peruana de Ciencias Aplicadas (Peru), the University of Bologna (Italy), the University of Rijeka (Croatia), the Institute of Hospitality Management in Prague (Czech Republic), Kozminski University (Poland), among others.

Each programme has a list of specific partnerships, to be consulted with the International Office.


More than 170 partnerships in the areas of tourism.

Turismo de Portugal


Bachelor's degree recognized by Tourism of Portugal.



Tourism Geography45
Tourism Economics45
Fundamentals of Tourism45
Quantitative and Qualitative Methods45
Technologies for Tourism I22,5
Foreign Language I22,5
Tourism Laboratory I45


Tourism Law45
Tourism and Transport45
Tourism Analysis and Indicators45
Tourism Planning and Development45
Technologies for Tourism II22,5
Foreign Language II22,5
Tourism Laboratory II45


Tourism Marketing45
Tourist Markets and Products45
Tourism Promotion and Entertainment45
Travel Agencies and Tour Operators45
Technologies for Tourism III22,5
Foreign Language III22,5
Tourism Laboratory III45


Design and Management of Tourist Experiences45
Material and Immaterial Heritage45
Protocol and Event Management45
Digital and Virtual Marketing45
Technologies for Tourism IV22,5
Foreign Language IV22,5
Tourism Laboratory IV45


Tourism Management and Operations45
Accounting and Finance45
People and Team Management45
Entrepreneurship and Strategy45
Communication Skills22,5
Foreign Language V22,5
Tourism Laboratory V45


Business Plan45
Optional I45
Optional II45
Optional III45
Final Project / Internship810


Marcelo G. Oliveira


Licenciado pela Faculdade de Ciências Sociais e Humanas da Universidade Nova de Lisboa, Mestre pela University of Kent at Canterbury e doutorado pela Universidade de Lisboa, é membro integrado do CLEPUL, onde realizou investigação pós-doutoral. Em 2004, venceu o Prémio de Revelação de Ensaio da Associação Portuguesa de Escritores e, mais recentemente, o Best Paper Award na Tourism Research Networking Conference. Autor de Modernismo Tardio e Em Busca do Tempo Presente, foi coorganizador, com Petar Petrov, de duas coleções de ensaios. Investigador principal do projeto “Memórias Culturais e Promoção Turística”, publica regularmente em revistas científicas internacionais da área. Na Faculdade de Turismo e Hospitalidade da Universidade Europeia, acumula funções como coordenador da Internacionalização e da licenciatura global em Hospitality and Tourism Management.

Career opportunities

  • Administration and management of tourism companies

  • Tour operators, travel agencies and air carriers

  • Tour-guides

  • Technical roles in public and private tourism organizations

  • Specialized projects for the leisure industry

  • Tourism Promotion and Entertainment

  • Event planning

  • Coordination of tourism-related documentary services


ComillasThe Bachelor's degree in Tourism from Universidade Europeia is an asset for anyone wanting to work in an industry as important as tourism. During my academic path, I have acquired knowledge which, nowadays, I can put into practice, being valued. Regarding the academic staff, they also work actively in the labour market, which means they can share their opinions and advice.

Andreia Oliveira



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