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Life in Portugal


Lisbon is a quite safe cosmopolitan city, offering a variety of cultural activities and a wide public transport network, making it possible to move around the entire city easily.

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Lisbon has a good urban transport network.

In order to be able to move around freely, students must apply for a monthly pass with the corresponding transport authority.



Non-European students must have a visa in order to study in Portugal. In order to apply for a visa, the University sends an acceptance letter after receiving and validating all the student’s documents.


All international students must have health insurance. For more information on this topic, students must contact the International Office or the International Admission Services, who will provide the necessary support. European students only need the European Health Insurance Card.

Welcome Programs

Buddy Program

  • Program created by Universidade Europeia, comprised of a group of students who help new international students upon their arrival in the country and Universidade Europeia. They take part in their integration, so that international students have a better experience.

Study in Lisbon Lounge

  • For more information, visit the Study in Lisbon Lounge founded by the Lisbon City Council to assist all international students upon their arrival in Lisbon. Here, you will find several services that any international student can consult and/or have access to, from the SEF Bureau (Portuguese Immigration and Borders Service) to Insurance and Healthcare Consultation, among other services.