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Academic Life

Universidade Europeia seeks to promote student participation in academic life through activities outside the classroom, in student clubs and associations, competitions, awards, among others.

Academic Activity

University activities are extracurricular activities open to the entire academic community. In addition to organising workshops, lectures and conferences, our institution organises the following types of activities: cultural, sports, educations, cooperative and leisure.

By participating in these activities, the student will gain a broad view of the world that will enrich their education and make them stand out when they leave the University to forge their professional and personal paths.

Atividades Universidade Europeia
Atividades Universidade Europeia
Atividades Universidade Europeia
Atividades Universidade Europeia

Student Centres and Associations

One way to join the community and get to know other students, learn and develop skills is through participation in the student association or groups. Student groups are created and managed by and for the students.

These groups aim to offer a dynamic, fun and, above all, student-focused academic experience.

Associations and Groups at Universidade Europeia


Universidade Europeia’s Students Association (AEUE)

AEUE is body representing the students of the Faculty of Social Sciences and Technology and the Online Faculty, which has the aim of helping students in different contexts and carrying out activities of an academic or recreational nature. AEUE by Students for Students!


Angolan Students Association (NEAUE)

The NEAUE is an organisation of Angolan students from Universidade Europeia that aims to represent the institution’s Angolan student community and foster cooperation and good relationships between students, faculty, management and administration. This is achieved through activities such as: colloquia, seminars, study visits, cooperation and agreements with companies or professionals in the area.


HRM Student Centre (NGRH)

NEGRH aims to be the voice of HRM students. Its main objective is to work with students to start a project that improves the practice and quality of teaching and increases the level of education and involvement with the Human Resources area.


Association of Psychology Students at Universidade Europeia (NEPUE)

NEPUE is a structure led by students of the Bachelor’s and Master’s degree in Psychology at Universidade Europeia and aims to strengthen the connection between the students and the professional world, as well as to provide a more enriching and inclusive academic experience.


Association of Law Students at Universidade Europeia (NEDUE)

NEDUE represents students attending the Law Degree at Universidade Europeia, by defending their rights, duties and interests. This centre carries out activities related to Law, such as seminars, workshops and study visits, in order to promote the legal, civic, scientific and cultural training of students. Currently, it promotes the Law course with other associations, namely the National Council of Law Students ("CNED") and the Portuguese Arbitration Moot Association ("PAMA").


Nucleus of Management Students at Universidade Europeia (NEG-EU)

The NEG-EU is responsible for representing all Bachelor’s and Master’s students in Management at Universidade Europeia. Its mission is to make the academic experience an unforgettable experience by promoting the civic, technical and cultural training of students.

Tuna Universidade Europeia

Tuna da Universidade Europeia

Tuna da Universidade Europeia emerged in 2013, following changes in the University itself and inherited from its previous version, Tunilingus (Tuna Académica do ISLA Lisboa), the spirit, passion for music and bohemianism.

Internally we cultivate camaraderie and unity, living every day governed by our motto: "Alis Volat Propriis" - Fly with your own wings - the fruit of the independence that characterises us.



Tunalíz is the Women's “Tuna” of Universidade Europeia. It is a musical group that plays various instruments and sings, aiming to bring students together so they can socialise and cultivate the academic spirit through music.



The European Law Students' Association of the Universidade Europeia, also known as ELSA U.Europeia, is a local branch of ELSA.

Its objectives are to represent members of ELSA Portugal and defend their interests; to develop leading activities to a greater connection with and integration of students into the professional environment, and the legal, civic, cultural and academic realities; and to promote the legal, civic, cultural and scientific training of its members, as well as their cooperation in the academic and professional field; and cooperate with all national and foreign organisations in activities related to its objectives, and whose principles do not contradict its Statutes.