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Europeia ID

Europeia ID

Europeia-ID is a non-profit association whose purpose is to promote, enhance and disseminate scientific and academic research, as well to develop university and polytechnics´ education and training, with a focus on design, marketing, communication, management, psychology, sport, law, technologies, tourism and other related relevant fields. Europeia-ID is the management body for scientific research activity, ensuring, through its funding procurement, its financial and administrative support, the full commitment to every research endeavour promoted by Universidade Europeia and IPAM Researchers. Europeia-ID was established by Ensilis - Educação e Formação, Unipessoal Lda (Ensilis). Research and innovation, employability and internationalisation are Europeia-ID key vectors, supported by different fields of knowledge: Business and Law, Psychology, Design, Tourism and Hospitality, Sports & Health, Marketing and Communication and Human Resources, offering access to state-of-the-art facilities.

Europeia-ID is the main contracting institution of UNIDCOM, and also of CIDESD - Europeia and CETRAD - Europeia research Hubs, for which FCT evaluation is also ongoing.


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R&D projects are a fundamental strategic pillar for the contribution, promotion and reinforcement of culture and quality science. These projects have national and international partners with a strong connection to the labour market.
Projects ongoing

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Projects concluded

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Projects ongoing

PITítuloEntidade FinanciadoraAnoMontanteUID
Carlos PinheiroThe role and effectiveness of non-executive directorsEnsilis2022€5,000.00CETRAD
Fernando SantosQuo vadis Sustainability? Higher Education Institutions sustainability claims: communication, legitimacy and perceptionsEnsilis2022€4,985.00CETRAD
Inês CarvalhoThe use of automatic translation tools in the tourism sectorEnsilis2022€5,000.00CETRAD
Mafalda NogueiraConsumption of edible insects as a pathway to sustainability: Lala-land or real-land in the Portuguese context?Ensilis2022€4,729.90CETRAD
Marcelo OliveiraUnhappy Hosts?: A Post - Pandemic View of the Sociocultural impacts of Tourism in Central Historic Districts of Lisbon and BarcelonaEnsilis2022€4,991.00CETRAD
Simoni RohdenAlRetailEnsilis2022€4,630.00CETRAD
Natália PachecoArtificial Intelligence and healthcare: How to increase the acceptability of AI health treatmentsEnsilis2023€4,700.00CETRAD
Sandra GomesPromoting stakeholder adherence to Mediterranean Diet on Campus through menu interventions and social marketing strategiesFundaçao Ciencia e Tecnologia - FCT2023€46,156.00CETRAD
Sofia AlmeidaTasteAHRESP2023€50,000.00CETRAD
Sofia AlmeidaThe paradox of sustainability in the Tourism SectorEnsilis2023€5,000.00CETRAD
Vahid GhasemiExploring crowdfunding strategies for hotels' corporate social responsibility projectsEnsilis2023€4,969.98CETRAD
Anabela MonteiroFilm Induced Tourism and Value Creation: the case of "House of the Dragon" in MonsantoEnsilis2024€5,000.00CETRAD
Fernando GonçalvesPDE vs DLN methods for pricing European-style financial options: A performance comparisonEnsilis2024€5,000.00CETRAD
Inês CarvalhoBreaking Language Barriers: The Role of Natural Language Processing Technologies in Intercultural Communication in the Context of International TourismEnsilis2024€5,000.00CETRAD
Lélis EspartelUnderstanding the Impact of Technology Adoption on Dysfunctional Consumer Behavior: Exploring the Roles of Anthropomorphism and Power DynamicsEnsilis2024€4,950.00CETRAD
Simoni RohdenArtificial Inteligence in smart retailing settings and its impact on consumer behaviorEnsilis2024€4,990.00CETRAD
Liliana AguiarBiomechanical and functional factors that characterize gait in people with Autism spectrum disorderEnsilis2023€4,837.97CIDESD
Paulo FerrajãoEco-ansiety: The Influence of Primary Emotions, Environmental Identity and Attachment StylesEnsilis2023€5,000.00CIDESD
Lisa RoqueAvaliação da eficácia da implementação de um Programa de Aprendizagem Socioemocional Kula em alunos do 1º ciclo do ensino básico, respetivos pais e professores.Ensilis2024€5,000.00CIDESD
Miguel NeryPrevalência e caracterização do abuso e violência dirigida a atletas com 18 ou mais anos, que integram as seleções nacionais de federações olímpicasComité Olimpico Português2024€13,284.00CIDESD
Sandra MartinsLifestyle@UE - Estilo de vida num contexto universitário ibéricoFundação Santander2024€5,000.00CIDESD

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