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Observátorio da saúde

Health Observatory

Health Observatory

Bearing in mind the Universidade Europeia mission of transferring knowledge through applied research, an Observatory was created, with the purpose of generating knowledge through the development of research activities, with a view to its dissemination and sharing with citizens, health professionals and the community, and taking into account the relevance of the topics, the quality of the research and its neutrality and independence.


Hélia Gonçalves Pereira

Hélia Gonçalves Pereira

General Coordination

    Lourdes Martin

    Executive Coordination

      Ana Margarida Passos

      Ana Margarida Passos

      Research Unit


        The Observatory’s guiding principle is to improve the quality of information available to support decision-makers and to strengthen citizens' skills in health literacy.

        • The Observatory has, as objectives, research in the area of health and the health system and services, namely through the development of a barometer for monitoring and evaluating public policies.
        • The Observatory has as additional objectives, the elaboration of situation reports based on the indicators obtained and their qualitative and quantitative analysis. In this way, the Universidade Europeia aims to contribute to the development of the health sector, to the promotion of health and the improvement of the health and well-being of its population as well as to the improvement of the decision-making process and the qualification of public policies.

        Consult Regulation

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        Lines of research and areas of knowledge

        • Innovation and technological development in health

        • Health management and administration

        • Marketing and Communication in health

        • Social, financial and ethical sustainability of health systems and organizations

        • Nutrition Sciences

        • Pharmaceutical Sciences

        • Oral health and dentistry

        Head office

        The Health Observatory has its headquarters and develops its activities at the premises of Universidade Europeia, on the campus of Quinta do Bom Nome, Estrada da Correia, No. 53, 1500-210 Lisbon.


        Email: observatorio@universidadeeuropeia.pt

        Observátorio de saúde

        Estrada da Correia, n.º 53, 1500-210 Lisboa