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Privacy data protection centre

Privacy and data Protection Centre

The centre

The Centre for Privacy and Data Protection Studies and Analysis (PDPC) was established on April 30, 2020, by resolution of the Scientific Council of the Universidade Europeia.


The Privacy and Data Protection Centre, hereinafter referred to as CENTRE, was created within the scope of the Faculty of Business and Social Sciences of the Universidade Europeia and aims to:

  • Follow up and monitor the implementation of the new regulatory framework for the protection of personal data in the European Union and nationally, as well as analyse the development of the matter in other geographic spaces or political spaces, such as Portuguese-speaking countries, and contribute to the clarification of academia, organizations and society in general.
  • Develop programmes and teach courses on a face-to-face and off-site basis, in collaboration with Portuguese and foreign institutions, in the area of personal data protection and in related areas, such as Intellectual Property, Consumer Law, Health Law, Digital Law and Artificial Intelligence.
  • Analyse the rules and their application on privacy and protection of personal data.
  • Organise and support conferences, seminars and other activities of a scientific and pedagogical nature, on a face-to-face basis and on a non-face-to-face basis, related to its purpose, of a national and international nature.
  • Promote research in national and international networks, based on the crossroads of privacy and data protection with other areas of private and public law.
  • Organise and support non-degree courses and other initiatives within the scope of its mission.
  • Carry out training actions in its areas of interest.
  • Disseminate intellectual production, namely through digital infrastructures.
Head office

The Health Observatory has its headquarters and develops its activities at the premises of Universidade Europeia, on the campus of Quinta do Bom Nome, Estrada da Correia, No. 53, 1500-210 Lisbon.

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  • Founding Members: Cristina Maria de Gouveia Caldeira and Alexandre Sousa Pinheiro
  • Invited Members: Eduardo Vera Cruz, Gabrielle Sarlet, Ingo W. Sarlet, José Roberto Goldim, Márcia Santana Fernandes, Manuel David Masseno, and Pedro Barbas Homem.

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Consult Regulation

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Thematic areas

Fundamental Rights: Privacy | Data Protection

Consumer Law

Health Law

Digital Law

Artificial Intelligence

Intellectual Property



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Coordinated by Cristina Maria de Gouveia Caldeira and Pedro Rebelo Botelho Alfaro Velez

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Knowledge Society Law, studies in the field of law

Scientific Coordination of Cristina Maria de Gouveia Caldeira

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