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Global Bachelor's Degree Management

Bachelor's in Management Lisboa

Aligned with the latest international trends in management.

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Bachelor's in Management

This Bachelor’s Degree in Management aspires to be the best degree in the field of management in Portugal and aims to prepare students for a global world. It is a Degree aligned with the latest international trends in management and gives the opportunity to explore the different areas that make up the management know-how and develop skills such as leadership and team management.

This Degree is entirely taught in English and provides a compulsory semester of international mobility in the 3rd curriculum year (6th semester). The international semester grants the accreditation of the 30 ECTS foreseen in the 6th semester of the course’s study plan and should be fulfilled in a leading school with which the European University has a partnership for this purpose.

Quinta do Bom Nome 180 ECTS
3 years Faculty of Social Sciences and Technology
Higher academic degree

Why study a Bachelor's in Management?

International Experience

Students will choose from one of the following TOP International Schools:

UC Berkeley Extension (USA), UC Riverside Extension (USA), DCU - Dublin City University (Ireland), PACE University - Lubin School of Business (New York), McGill School (Canada), Shanghai Polytechnic University (China) and India Chandigarh University (India).

The international mobility semester will take place in the 3rd year of the degree. The admission to some partner schools requires the payment of an additional fee.

The admission in some of the partner schools may be subject to:

  • Number of available vacancies
  • English proficiency level (Preparation for IELTS exam is included in this program)
  • Academic merit
Partner Companies

Some companies that collaborate with us in seminars, internships, problem-based solving and real practical problems proposed in the classroom, in curricular projects, ideas and entrepreneurship competitions for the degree in management: Territórios Criativos, Staples, SGS Portugal, Hotéis Real, Santander, Leroy Merlin, Grupo Auchan e B2B Nutrimais.

The students will have the opportunity to attend, free of charge, a preparation course for the IELTS exam.

Coaching Skills for Business

Our students will attend a coaching program.

Coaching is an essential tool for achieving business goals. Increasingly, coaching skills are crucial for people in companies in order to get the best out of them and those around them. In this program, you will have access to core coaching competencies that will help you deal effectively and ecologically with the new challenges you face. By getting to know yourself and others better you will leverage your relationships to the next level in a nurturing and empowering way. Moreover, you will reflect and design a meaningful career path that will help you to reach your goals, develop your purpose, create impact and leave a legacy. This a remarkable opportunity to create a better version of yourself. António Sacavém will facilitate this program. He is been giving training and coaching to C-suite Level Executives in several companies both in Portugal and abroad (eg. Fujitsu, Farfetch, Toyota/Lexus, Delta, Grupo José de Mello, etc.). António Sacavém got the Professional Certified Coach (PCC) credential from the most renewed coaching organization - ICF (International Coaching Federation).



Introduction to Management46
Financial Accounting I46
Science, Sources and Methods23
Business Information Systems I23


Business law46
Financial Calculus46
Accounting II46
Creativity and Critical Thinking23
Business Information Systems II23


Market Research46
Human Resources Management46
Financial Management46
Management Accounting46
Communication Skills23
Project Management23


Quantitative Analysis (Forecasting)46
Strategic Management46
Corporate Finance46
Audit & Taxation46
Leadership and Team Management23
Business Intelligent23


Management Control46
Operational Marketing46
Financial Planning Analysis46
Logistic and Operation Management46
Ethic and Professional Deontology / Volunteering23
Management Cases23


Optional 1
OPTIONAL: Management Simulation Game, International Business, Entrepreneurship and Innovation, Financial Markets, Logistics and Operations Management
Optional 2
OPTIONAL: Management Simulation Game, International Business, Entrepreneurship and Innovation, Financial Markets, Logistics and Operations Management
Optional 3
OPTIONAL: Management Simulation Game, International Business, Entrepreneurship and Innovation, Financial Markets, Logistics and Operations Management
Applied Project12

04 Economic or 09 Geography or 16 Mathematics

Carlos Silva
Carlos Silva


Carlos Silva

Coordinator the Bachelor in Management

albertina rodrigues docente
Albertina Rodrigues


Albertina Rodrigues

Co-Coordinator the Global Bachelor in Management

Doutora em Gestão pela Universidade Europeia (2021), Especialista em Auditoria Financeira pelos Institutos Politécnicos de Lisboa, Leiria e Coimbra (2019), Pós-Graduada em Gestão pelo IDIA - Universidade Autónoma de Lisboa (1999), Licenciada em Gestão pela Universidade Autónoma de Lisboa (1995) e Bacharel em Contabilidade e Administração pelo ISCAL (1992).

É docente na Universidade Europeia desde 2012, onde tem desenvolvido funções de coordenadora do mestrado em Gestão de Empresas (EaD), da licenciatura em Gestão lecionada em inglês e da pós-graduação em Auditoria (EaD).

Docente no ISCAL|IPL desde 2017, onde tem desempenhado as funções de Vice Presidente do Conselho Pedagógico, subdiretora do mestrado em Auditoria e fundadora do projeto de ação social ISCAJUDA.

Presidente do Conselho Fiscal das entidades do setor empresarial do estado Águas do Norte, S.A. (desde 2018) e Águas do Alto Minho, S.A. (desde 2019).

Detentora de uma experiência profissional de mais de 30 anos nas áreas financeira e de auditoria, dos quais 10 anos com a função de Diretora Administrativa e Financeira da Wacker Máquinas (1995-2004).

Autora de publicações em revistas internacionais e nacionais de relevo na sua área profissional. Com interesse na investigação nas áreas de sustentabilidade, relato empresarial, relato integrado, auditoria, garantia de fiabilidade, governo das sociedades e ensino superior.

Revisora Oficial de Contas desde 2012. Membro da Comissão Revisão - Família e Profissão (2018-2021) e da Comissão de Ética e Deontologia (2013-2017) da Ordem dos Revisores Oficiais de Contas. Contabilista Certificado desde 1992.

Career Opportunities

  • Business Management and Administration

  • Administration and Management in the fields of Accounting and Finance

  • Commercial and Marketing Administration and Management

  • Project Management

  • Auditing and Consultancy


ComillasThis degree has been both challenging and interesting. And something that is very useful is the fact that we study in English, especially for the ones that want to study abroad. And teachers give us lectures in a certain way that is interesting. So we are all very pleased

José Gonçalves Gomes

Student of Management


    Candidates interested in joining the Universidade Europeia can apply throughout the year.

    The application process is limited by existing vacancies and the suitability of the candidate's profile to the study cycle of interest.

    To start the Admission Process, the candidate must follow these 3 steps.


    Information Request

    Schedule a clarification conversation with an Admissions Advisor



    Gather the documentation requested in the admissions process



    Proceed with the formalization of the application, in person or online

    Certification and accreditation

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    Registo R/A -Cr 36/2013/AL04, de 12/08/2021

    Despacho n.º 8728/2021, de 2 de setembro de 2021, II Série nº 171 D.R. (available only in Portuguese).