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International Experience

Why study at Universidade Europeia

Universidade Europeia prepares students to become the Global Professionals of the future, with all the necessary skills to achieve professional success anywhere in the world.

It stands out due to its innovation capacity and its differentiating academic model, founded on the principles of quality, internationalization and proximity to businesses and the labour market.

Universidade Europeia provides access to a student-oriented quality education.

International Student Status

Special access for International Students - Bachelor's.

2022/2023 Schedule

First Phase
  • Application Period: From 28/02 to 23/03 of 2022
  • Placement Results: 07/04 and 14/04 of 2022
  • Exams:
    Drawing: 24/03
    Geography: 24/03
    Portuguese: 24/03
    Mathematics Applied to Social Sciences: 24/03
    Economy: 31/03
    Descriptive Geometry: 31/03
    Mathematics: 31/03
Second Phase
  • Application Period: From 01/04 to 25/05 of 2022
  • Placement Results: 09/06 and 16/06 of 2022
  • Exams:
    Drawing: 26/05
    Geography: 26/05
    Portuguese: 26/05
    Mathematics Applied to Social Sciences: 26/05
    Economy: 02/06
    Descriptive Geometry: 02/06
    Mathematics: 02/06
Third Phase
  • Application Period: From 03/06 to 13/07 of 2022
  • Placement Results: 28/07 and 04/08 of 2022
  • Exams:
    Drawing: 14/07
    Geography: 14/07
    Portuguese: 14/07
    Mathematics Applied to Social Sciences: 14/07
    Economy: 21/07
    Descriptive Geometry: 21/07
    Mathematics: 21/07
Fourth Phase
  • Application Period: From 22/07 to 07/09 of 2022
  • Placement Results: 15/09 and 22/09 of 2022
  • Exams:
    Drawing: 08/09
    Geography: 08/09
    Portuguese: 08/09
    Mathematics Applied to Social Sciences: 08/09
    Economy: 15/09
    Descriptive Geometry: 15/09
    Mathematics: 15/09

Documents required for admission:

  • Passport + Portuguese taxpayer card;
  • Sworn statement that the applicant does not have Portuguese nationality nor is covered by any of the conditions listed in article 3(2) of Decree-Law no. 36/2014, of 10 March (to be sent by Admissions Services to applicants);
  • Academic Transcript (Secondary/Middle Education or equivalent, duly recognized by the Portuguese Embassy or Portuguese Consulate in the country of origin and then by a secondary school in Portugal);
  • Proof of admission at a higher education institution in the country of origin (optional);
  • Proof of minimum level of linguistic knowledge required (Portuguese language, or English language for Bachelor's degrees taught in English);
  • Proof the prerequisites were met (only for future admissions to the Bachelor's degree in Sports Sciences and Physical Activity - Group C Pre-requisite).
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