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CETRAD - Europeia Research HUB


The CETRAD - EUROPEIA Research Hub aims to enhance research on tourism, sustainability, innovation, and market ecosystems by leveraging Universidade Europeia’s expertise in these areas.

The hub focuses on utilizing territorial assets for sustainable development in low-density areas, bringing new insights into urban tourism, hospitality, and marketing strategies to support this goal. Focused research also aims to boost human and social capital for sustainable growth in low-density territories, addressing key challenges through the identification of the drivers of successful innovation, which is crucial for internationalizing these regions.

Rural tourism faces unique challenges in sustainable development. The digital transition research focus offers both obstacles and opportunities, requiring innovative approaches to succeed.

The CETRAD-EUROPEIA Hub researchers are exploring advanced strategies and technologies to improve the tourism and hospitality sectors, particularly in low-density areas. Their goal is to enhance guest experiences, sustainability, and competitiveness.

Committed to innovation and entrepreneurship, collaborating with leading organizations to adapt to rapid economic and socio-political changes, the focus on consumer behaviour, technology impacts, and business legitimacy, offers a consumer-centric approach to innovation. In addition, the research Hub emphasizes social responsibility and diversity management, integrating technology, sustainability, consumer behaviour, marketing, and organizational strategy to tackle contemporary management challenges, providing both theoretical insights and practical solutions.

For more information, visit the CETRAD website.

Vision Statement

To be a globally recognized research hub that pioneers innovative solutions in management and tourism, emphasizing sustainable marketing practices, cutting-edge technologies, and the unique potential of low-density territories.

Mission Statement

Our mission is to advance the knowledge and application of management and tourism through interdisciplinary research and collaboration. We are dedicated to:

  • Exploring and implementing marketing strategies that foster sustainable growth.
  • Leveraging advanced technologies to enhance tourism experiences and operational efficiencies.
  • Promoting the development and sustainability of low-density territories, preserving their cultural and natural heritage.
  • Providing a dynamic platform for researchers, industry professionals, and policymakers to engage and contribute to the evolution of the tourism and management sectors.

Core Values

  • Innovation

We embrace creativity and encourage the development of novel solutions that address current and future challenges in management and tourism.

  • Sustainability

We prioritize sustainable practices in our research and operations, ensuring that our contributions positively impact the environment, economy, and society

  • Collaboration

We foster a collaborative environment that brings together diverse perspectives from academia, industry, and local communities to drive meaningful change.

  • Excellence

We strive for the highest standards of excellence in our research, education, and partnerships, continually pushing the boundaries of knowledge in our fields.

  • Integrity

We uphold the principles of honesty, transparency, and ethical behaviour in all our endeavours, building trust with our stakeholders.

  • Inclusivity

We are committed to creating an inclusive and supportive environment where all individuals feel valued and can contribute to our mission.

  • Respect for Local Communities

We recognize and honour the unique cultural, historical, and natural attributes of low-density territories, ensuring that our research benefits and respects these communities.

By adhering to these core values, we aim to make a significant impact on the fields of management and tourism, driving sustainable development and innovation globally.


Ana Maria Ramires Príncipe dos Santos

Ana Sofia Borda de Água de Almeida

Andreia Borges

Fernando Pinto Santos

Inês Cláudia Rijo de Carvalho

Lélis Balestrin Espartel

Mafalda Cristina de Oliveira Pinto Coelho Nogueira

Maria Albertina Almeida Barreiro Rodrigues

Natália Araújo Pacheco

Sandra C. Vilaverde Pinto Gomes de Oliveira

Simoni Fernanda Rohden

Vahid Ghassim

Ana Sofia Duque

Luis Pimentel

Marcelo Oliveira

Sofia Lopes

Ricardo Bonacho

Francisco Pinheiro Catalão

Carlos Manuel da Silva Pacheco Pinheiro

Carla Filipa Gomes da Costa

Cláudia Sofia Charneca Gouveia