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Unidades orgânicas Europeia

Organic units

As regards its structure, the Universidade Europeia has 4 Organic Units:

Faculty of Social Sciences and Technology (FCST)

  • Aims to position the Universidade Europeia clearly as a reference in the areas of management, technology and social sciences. To learn about the structure of the Faculty, led by Professor Carla Gomes da Costa


IADE - Faculty of Design, Technology and Communication

  • Recognized for its undisputed leadership and reputation in the area of Design and Creativity, IADE's ambition is to evolve into the area of soft STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Mathematics). To learn about the structure of IADE, led by professor Doctor Carlos Rosa


Faculty Online (FO)

  • In July 2021, the guardianship approved the creation of the Online College. It is a strategic axis for the Universidade Europeia, with the ambition of not only being the first private college 100% online but the largest private online school in Portugal. To learn about the structure of the Faculty.


Faculty of Health Sciences

  • With the creation of the Faculty of Health Sciences, the Universidade Europeia aims to contribute to the sector through international training, based on the group's experience at an Iberian level and based on a One Health approach. With an experiential and innovative academic model, a faculty with high professional experience and very strong academic qualifications and in collaboration with a set of renowned partners in the area of Health Sciences, Faculty of Health Sciences is an asset to a quality and differentiating higher education, meeting the training needs of new professionals in a critical area for Portuguese society and for the world.

We are creating a University of the future, based on quality, excellence and personalized, flexible and unique teaching.

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Carla Gomes

Carla Filipa Gomes da Costa

Director of the Faculty of Social Sciences and Technology.

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    Carlos Rosa

    IADE Director - Faculty of Design, Technology and Communication

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      Lourdes Martín Méndez

      Director of Faculty of Health Sciences

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