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Internal Quality Assurance System - Quality4UE

Universidade Europeia Internal Quality Assurance System uses quality assurance as a foundation and oversees its comprehensive management. This is understood as a ‘series of coordinated activities for directing and controlling an organisation’s quality’ and encompasses quality assurance as well as system planning, control and improvement.

It is in this context that the UE applies a model called Quality4UE.

This model reflects the European University's efforts to ensure quality assurance through procedures that promote rigor and discipline, with a focus on continuous improvement. Rather than responding to the demands associated with external evaluation processes, the UE decided to develop a system that would be a means of informing and involving teaching and non-teaching staff and motivating them to implement the interventions for which they are responsible.

The Quality Manual, one of the fundamental parts of Quality4UE, is the instrument that establishes the main processes and indicators, as well as the architecture and organization of the quality management procedures.

Improvements, suggestions and compliments


Continuous improvement of the services provided is a priority at the European University. You can count on a dedicated team to ensure that your suggestions for improvement, compliments or complaints are addressed in the best possible way.

Please fill in the form available at Quality4UE. Thank you for your cooperation!

Accreditations and external evaluations

The European University, whose mission is to promote a culture of quality by promoting self-evaluation and ongoing analysis of its operation, has been subject to various external evaluations.

All of UE's programs are accredited by A3ES, registered with the Directorate General for Higher Education and published in “Diário da República”, thus complying with all the legal requirements in force.

In 2018, the institution was recognized as a university and obtained institutional accreditation from A3ES.

Measuring for improvement

In order to identify the needs and expectations of students and to determine the degree of satisfaction and perceived quality of stakeholders, the UE carries out different satisfaction studies.

Quality Assurance Policy

As part of its commitment to teaching excellence, UE has renewed its Quality Assurance Policy.

  • Ensure institutional assessment by the Higher Education Assessment and Accreditation Agency (A3ES) of the quality of UE's performance as a whole, as well as of each of its organic units, with a view to providing an overall and integrated view of the institution and each of its autonomous organisational structures.
  • Ensure the accreditation of study programmes by A3ES and their consequent registration with the Directorate-General for Higher Education (DGES).
  • Providing mechanisms for listening to stakeholders in order to improve the University's activities in general
  • Making reliable and timely information available to all interested parties, based on the principles of transparency.

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