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Investigación y Doctorado


UNIDCOM, the research unit for Design and Communication at Universidade Europeia, envisions itself as a leading international reference for design research with a mission to both elevate design as a distinct discipline and address significant social challenges through design. The unit's objectives emphasize recognizing design as an interdisciplinary field, advancing both the theory and practice of design, and promoting the importance of design research for academic and practical applications. Strategically, UNIDCOM focuses on increasing research activity and funding, enhancing its reputation and international presence, and reinforcing its core competencies while fostering technological and scientific culture. The unit aims to align its efforts with local, national, and international agendas, strengthen cooperation with industry, and offer specialized executive courses.

To achieve its objectives, UNIDCOM engages in a variety of activities, including supporting research with well-equipped facilities, fostering internal and external networking, and providing scholarships and grants. It contributes to postgraduate education by supporting PhD and MSc level research, organizing an annual Design Doctoral Conference, and offering financial incentives for student researchers. Additionally, the unit promotes public awareness of design research through consultancy services and participation in R&D+i projects. UNIDCOM also organizes biannual international conferences, seminars, and exhibitions, supports its members' participation in conferences, and publishes research through IADE Press and ThRad journal. The unit maintains an online repository for research outputs and communicates regularly with its members via a weekly newsletter.