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Employability Program

The Employability Skills Programme aims to develop employability skills. Its main objective is to prepare students from different study programmes to access the labour market.

The Workshops and seminars from the Employability Skills Programme will be administered by the Employability Office and partner companies.

This programme takes place throughout the academic year and it is free to all students. 

Students will have the opportunity to learn and discuss various topics, such as:

Social networks

Business protocol

Building a CV

Preparation for job interviews and group dynamics

Companies and Recruiters

Why recruit our talent?

  • We develop global professionals: Universidade Europeia grants access to a quality education aimed at student results.
    Our students’ international academic experience includes programmes designed to cross borders, while continuing to meet the needs of local communities and economies.

  • Employability is worked on from day one: Universidade Europeia provides students with continuous support so they can develop their skills, in order to leverage their Employability, through highly distinctive teaching practices.
    We also encourage a practical application of expertise acquired by offering curricular traineeships on our programmes.

  • Diversity of areas: We offer a wide range of quality programmes at different levels of higher education, covering diverse areas to address different recruiting needs.

  • Values: We train top entrepreneurs and professionals using innovative methods, preparing them for the global market.
    Our main values are: Rigour, Universality and Innovation.

How to contact our students

The key to a successful employer branding strategy is to build and maintain a strong presence on campus. Consider the following strategies to engage students and enhance your brand. Above all, have a creative approach and highlight what makes your company different:

  • Employability Job Fair – we hold an annual on-campus job fair, together with the Students Association, so that companies can contact our students and present them their recruitment processes.

  • Recruitment Events – during the school year, companies may request scheduling of a recruitment process presentation, interviews or assessments on campus.

Presentation of challenges and case studies in the classroom

Universidade Europeia constantly works its liaison with companies and the labour market, in order to provide its students, throughout their degree, with real work experience, while also increasing their employability.

Development of real projects

In response to briefings given by companies

Laboratory practices

Worked on in the curricular units

Workshops or seminars

Developed by industry-leading companies

Company-certified programmes

Open Day

Open Days – holding Open Days at the company’s premises, where our students will have the opportunity to get to know the companies’ facilities, their processes and culture.

Companies that most recruit our students