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Health Sciences

Health Sciences represent a strategic area in the fields of Education, Training, Scientific Research and Technological Innovation. With this in mind, the Health Sciences area of Universidade Europeia aims to develop an innovative integrated teaching process, through which students from different disciplinary areas acquire knowledge and skills in a shared way, with a view to future experiences throughout their professional lives.

This approach is based on an Academic Model with innovative pedagogical practices, transversally applied to all areas of the institution and centred on experiential learning, which is evident in this area of knowledge in particular, both in the face-to-face and online teaching models.

The proposed Academic Model is based on an integrated, transdisciplinary curriculum that seeks to ensure a holistic professional vision through the use of: 1) simulated environments (Simulation-based Learning), where it is possible to approximate real situations in a controlled environment; 2) group discussion and presentation of clinical cases (Problem-based Learning); and, 3) joint work challenges which can be done in collaboration with institutions and partners (Challenge-based Learning). These practices and the complementarity with the theoretical content of the various areas of knowledge allow for having multidisciplinary supported by a technological approach, based on scientific evidence and orientated towards research, with the aim of providing solid training in the various dimensions of health.

Academic model

Theoretical-practical articulation, with innovative teaching practices based on the experiential process.

Experienced faculty

Recognised, highly qualified, with clinical and academic experience and strong links to the different sectors and professions in the health area.

State-of-the-art facilities

Laboratory practice in state-of-the-art laboratories, including Simulation Rooms.

Management and Coordination

Adalberto Campos Fernandes

Visiting Professor

    Teresa Santos

    Dean Health Sciences School

      Alexandra Bento

      Full Invited Professor of the Health Sciences School. Nutrition Coordinator

        Manuel Pereira Barbosa

        Visiting Professor


          Health Observatory

          Bearing in mind the Universidade Europeia mission of transferring knowledge through applied research, an Observatory was created, with the purpose of generating knowledge through the development of research activities, with a view to its dissemination and sharing with citizens, health professionals and the community, and taking into account the relevance of the topics, the quality of the research and its neutrality and independence.

          Honorary Doctorates

          On World Health Day (7 April 2022), the Universidade Europeia awarded, for the first time in its history, the title of Doctor Honoris Causa to Dr. Maria de Belém Roseira and Dr. António Gentil Martins, for his invaluable and continuous contribution to the social and human development of our country.