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Márcia Herter



PhD in Management at Neoma Business School (France, 2014). Visiting PhD Student at New York University (USA, 2012) and at the University of British Columbia (Canada, 2013). Master in Marketing Research at Université Pierre-Mendès France (France, 2011) and Bachelor in Management at the Universidade Federal do Rio Grande do Sul (Brazil, 2010).
She has professional and consulting experience in large companies such as Midea Carrier and Decathlon. Her research has been published in several international journals such as European Journal of Marketing, International Journal of Retail & Distribution Management, Journal of Retailing and Consumer Services, International Journal of Consumer Studies, Business Ethics Quarterly, and Journal of Cleaner Production and in international academic conferences such as the Association for Consumer Research (ACR), the Academy of Marketing Science (AMS), and the European Marketing Academy (EMAC). Her research areas are: Consumer Well-being, Social and Sustainable Consumption, Experiential and Sensory Marketing, and Consumer Behavior.



Customer Engagement in Social Media (CESM): A Framework and Meta-Analysis. Journal of the Academy of Marketing Science, Forthcoming.

Rethinking Emotions and Destination Experience: An Extended Model of Goal-Directed Behavior. Journal of Hospitality and Tourism Research, Forthcoming.

The Power of Sophistication: How Service Design Cues Help in Service Failures. Journal of Consumer Behaviour, 19(3), pp. 277-290 (2020).

Traditionscapes in Emerging Markets: How Local Tradition Appropriation Fosters Cultural Identity. International Journal of Emerging Markets, 15(6), pp. 1105-1126 (2020).

Reducing Ingroup Bias in Ethical Consumption: The Role of Construal Levels and Social Goodwill. Business Ethics Quarterly, 30(1), pp. 31-63 (2020).

Can luxury brands be ethical? Reducing the sophistication liability of luxury brands. Journal of Cleaner Production, 233, pp. 1366-1376 (2019).

Recycling Cooperation and Buying Status: Effects of Pure and Competitive Altruism on Sustainable BehaviorsEuropean Journal of Marketing, 53(5), pp. 944-971 (2019).

Green Consumers and their Identities: How Identities Change the Motivation for Green Consumption. International Journal of Consumer Studies, 40, pp. 742-753 (2016).

It was not that long! : The effects of the in-store TV screen content and consumers' emotions on consumer waiting perception. Journal of Retailing and Consumer Services, 22, pp. 96-106 (2015).

“Man, I shop like a woman!” The effects of gender and emotions on consumer shopping behavior outcomesInternational Journal of Retail & Distribution Management, 42, pp. 780-804 (2014).


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