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Application Schedule 2020/2021:

1st phase2nd phase3rd phase4th phase
Application period From 01/02 to 21/03 of 2020 From 12/05 to 23/05 of 2020 From 13/07 to 18/07 of 2020 From 01/09 to 05/09 of 2020
Placement results 10/04 of 2020 16/06 of 2020 From 07/08 of 2020 25/09 of 2020
Registration and Inscription From 13/04 to 11/05 of 2020 From 17/06 to 11/07 of 2020 From 10/08 to 31/08 of 2020 From 28/09 to 09/10 of 2020

Internal tests to access the school year of 2020/2021:

Quinta do Bom Nome Campus

1st phase2nd phase3rd phase4th phase
Portuguese Language 23/Mar 25/May 20/Jul 07/Sep
Mathematics 25/Mar 27/May 22/Jul 09/Sep
Geography 01/Apr 03/Jun 29/Jul 16/Sep
Economy 03/Apr 05/Jun 31/Jul 18/Sep

Santos Campus

1ª Fase2ª Fase3ª Fase4ª Fase
Drawing 02/Apr 04/Jun 29/Jul 16/Sep
Descriptive geometry 23/Mar 25/May 20/Jul 07/Sep
Portuguese Language 30/Mar 01/Jun 27/Jul 14/Sep
Mathematics Applied to Social Sciences 03/Apr 05/Jun 31/Jul 18/Sep
Economy 25/Mar 27/May 22/Jul 09/Sep

More information:
Telephone: +351 211 451 387
WhatsApp: +351 969 704 048

Pre-university Programme

This programme’s main objective is to prepare international student to enter the Portuguese higher education system. Through a set of specific subjects, students will adapt to the study methods of university education and feel part of Portuguese culture.

Admission process | Necessary documentation

  • Passport + Portuguese taxpayer card;
  • Sworn statement that the applicant does not have Portuguese nationality nor is covered by any of the conditions listed in article 3(2) of Decree-Law no. 36/2014, of 10 March (to be sent by Universidade Europeia to applicants);
  • Academic Transcript (Secondary/Middle Education or equivalent, duly recognised by the Portuguese Embassy or Portuguese Consulate in the country of origin and then by a secondary school in Portugal);
  • Proof of admission at a higher education institution in the country of origin (optional)
  • Proof of minimum level of linguistic knowledge required (Portuguese language, or English language for Bachelor's degrees taught in English);
  • Proof the prerequisites were met (only for future admissions to the Bachelor's degree in Sports Sciences and Physical Activity - Group C Pre-requisite).

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