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Universidade Europeia and Lusíadas Knowledge Center together for the 3rd edition of the One Health Conference

19 jun 2024


Health management, good practices in healthcare, mental health, antimicrobial resistance and emerging threats in the context of One Health are some of the topics under discussion, with a focus on analyzing the challenges that this approach can bring to health education and research. Also noteworthy is the opening lecture by Adalberto Campos Fernandes, guest professor and consultant in the area of Health at the European University, who will give a presentation focused on the organization of health systems.

"At the European University we pride ourselves on being at the forefront of education and, to this end, it is important to anticipate the needs and trends of the future, especially in key areas such as health, an area in which innovation is constant and multidisciplinarity essential. That's why we're looking for different views from different parts of society to promote a concerted and holistic debate to promote the One Health concept in the national public health panorama," says Hélia Gonçalves Pereira, dean of the European University.

"Lusíadas Saúde reaffirms its commitment to excellence and innovation in health, through its continuous investment in the education and training of professionals. The collaboration with the European University, reflected in the III Jornadas One Health, represents a significant step towards strengthening the 'One Health' approach in the current context of the sector. We are proud to actively participate in the development of a space for debate and exchange of knowledge, where different perspectives converge to promote more integrated and effective practices. This event is a new milestone not only for the Lusíadas Saúde Group, but also for society, as it underlines the importance of a multidisciplinary and innovative vision in healthcare," says Eduarda Reis, Chief Medical Officer of the Lusíadas Saúde Group.

Although it has existed since the 1960s, it was only in 2021 that the One Health concept became more widely used after a broader definition of it by the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations, the World Organization for Animal Health, the United Nations Environment Programme and the World Health Organization. It recognizes that the health of humans, animals, plants and the environment in general (including ecosystems) are closely linked and interdependent, and that it is therefore fundamental to meeting the public health challenges of the 21st century.

Many infectious diseases that affect humans, such as avian flu and SARS, originated in animals. The recent global Covid-19 pandemic has also highlighted the fragility of this interconnectedness, making the concept of One Health more understandable. It is therefore increasingly urgent to look at health as one.