Advisory Board

The Advisory Board is Universidade Europeia’s advisory body which decides on the definition of strategic areas, pedagogical and scientific matters and issues concerning interaction with society.

  • Prof. Doutor Adriano Lopes Gomes Pimpão (President), former Rector of Universidade do Algarve and former President of CRUP.
  • Dr.ª Maria de Belém Roseira, former Minister of Health and Minister for Equality. Currently, Maria de Belém is president of the Commission for the Revision of Lei Bases da Saúde.
  • Dr. Pedro Rebelo de Sousa, Senior Partner of Sociedade Rebelo de Sousa & Advogados Associados RL.
  • Dr. Nuno Botelho, President of Associação Comercial do Porto.
  • Dr. Vasco Antunes Pereira, Lusíadas Saúde chairman.
  • Dr. Pedro Duarte, was Secretary of State for Youth in the XVI Constitutional Government, Vice-President of GP/PSD and currently is the External & Legal Affairs Director at Microsoft. 
  • Dra. Elizabeth Rothfield, is member of Explorer Investments Board of Directors and Executive Committee.  She is also member of the Board of Directors of several subsidiaries of Private Equity funds.
  • Dr. Bernardo Trindade, former Tourism State Secretary, and currently administrator of the Porto Bay Hotels & Resorts group.