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"My first experience was great at the Universidade Europeia because from the first moment the student service helped me by everything.

I had a responsible person for me who I could ask any time when I had a question or problem.

The classmates included me directly like a normal Portuguese friend. Besides I liked that I wasn’t the only one who isn’t from Portugal.

I really felt that this is an International University because our course existed from students with different nationalities.

I can just recommend the University and the city. Everyone who studies in Lisbon will love the unique life here."

Testemunhos - Faruk Okutucu
Faruk Okutucu
(Alemão , 22 anos)
Licenciatura em Management - Quinta do Bom Nome

"I chose Universidade Europeia to do a second Master and specialize in Hotel and Tourism Management. This university has a good program for this Master and is open to welcome international students. As well, the Master of Hotel and Tourism Management is a good opportunity to be integrated in the Portuguese culture and language. Last but not least, I can only encourage you to come to live in Lisbon. I love Lisbon and my experience here as an international student: it’s a sunny, dynamic and wonderful city to live in."

Testemunhos - Marine Loquen
Marine Loquen
(Francesa, 23 anos)
Mestrado em Hospitality and Tourism Management - Quinta do Bom Nome



"I’ve been to Lisbon in almost 4 months already and I’ve grown to like the city and its citizens. The people are helpful and relaxed, and the weather has been mostly sunny and warm.

In the university, I like the informative classes and nice teachers, who speak good English. All my classes are in English and often even if the Portuguese students ask the questions in Portuguese, the teacher answers in English. It’s really helpful and considerate. The Portuguese students are nice and always ready to help with translation if there’s a problem.

The thing that would make the experience even better is more English in the email newsletters. Often the email from the university is only in Portuguese, and thus is left without reading by students who either know a little bit or not at all Portuguese.

Overall, my time here has been a blast. I’ve met so many cool people and going to school doesn’t feel bothersome."

Testemunhos - Noora Kurko
Noora Kurko
(Finlândia, 27 anos)
Hospitality Management - Quinta do Bom Nome
Universidade parceira de origem: University of Tampere

"Studying at Europeia has been an experience I will never forget, a positive university with very accepting outlook to internationals such as me.

Studying at the Santos Campus at IADE, I have met friends for life as I joined in with the major events happening within the Lisbon area. Notable examples would be the Games for Good Jam, the monthly Game Dev Meet and the 4Gamers gaming convention which couldn’t have been done without University support and backing.

With the sun, great food and excellent transport links I was able to take part in so many of these activities during my stay here and I feel that by doing so, I have really came out of my shell as I am not so used to such kindness!

Joining the GAD students in their second semester, I learned skills in Maths and Physics, Game AI, Graphics, SDMs and fundamentally Communication Skills and working within groups for our 3D Project.

I especially respected the implementation of the Communication Skills soft skill course was very important for me to learn techniques in body language and communication as my original posture wasn’t impressing anyone!

If you honestly want a fast-pass into some of the wildest nightlife, superb events and excellent people, look no further than Portugal!"

Testemunhos - Henry Smith
Henry Smith
(Inglaterra, 19 anos)
Licenciatura em Informática - Quinta do Bom Nome
Universidade parceira de origem: University of Worcester

"My experience in Lisbon as student of the Garcilaso program has been great. Since I arrived at Lisbon, people have always been very kind. During the last months, I have learned many things in and out the university. Now I have a lot of friends from different countries.
It is an experience that I will keep forever in my memory."

Testemunhos - David Alejandro Osorno Martínez
David Alejandro Osorno Martínez
(México, 22 anos)
Licenciatura em Engenharia - Quinta do Bom Nome
Universidade parceira de origem: UVM – Universidad del Valle de México



Estrada da Correia, nº53.
1500-210 Lisboa


Avenida D. Carlos I, nº4
1200-649 Lisboa – Portugal


Rua Laura Ayres, nº4
1600-510 Lisboa – Portugal

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