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The testimony of some partner companies of Universidade Europeia


“Universidade Europeia is a nation-wide leading school, namely in Lisbon, ensuring a quality teaching. From a bureaucratic perspective, it is an entity that aims to simplify its procedures, which pleases us. As a result of its quality teaching, students from Universidade Europeia show an interesting preparation when it comes to facing the labour market.

We believe in Universidade Europeia’s teaching methods, in the quality of its academic staff and in the requirements of each learning level. We believe that students become extremely well-prepared for the labour market.”


“The Corinthia Hotel Lisbon has sought, in recent years, to establish traineeship protocols with several national and international teaching institutions.

Within the framework of the partnerships we have established, students from Universidade Europeia stand out, due to their integration capacity, professionalism and sense of responsibility. These characteristics, improved throughout the training process, are a competitive advantage for trainees and allow me say that students from Universidade Europeia are already one of our hotel’s most important sources of recruitment. I would also like to point out that, year after year, trainees significantly improve their initial level of knowledge on the sector and strategic skills, allowing them to more quickly integrated the hotel and the departments where they work at.”


“Students from Universidade Europeia have a set of personal characteristics that, together with their training, can make them sought-after people and professionals in the hospitality industry. Universidade Europeia shows a particular care in the continuous improvement of their degrees and, in fact, its results are increasingly better.”


“We chose students from Universidade Europeia due to their strong theoretical component. When we analyse feedback we receive from their work, this is a very positive one because all students are highly committed and professional.”


“Universidade Europeia has proven to be a pleasant surprise due to its constant work in becoming a university of excellence, its continuous improvement of procedures, high quality teaching and academic staff.

Their strong internationalization sets them apart.

We believe therefore that students from Universidade Europeia have all the necessary tools to succeed in the labour market."


"There are various characteristics associated with students from Universidade Europeia which appeal a lot to any business. We highlight the ease of integration, availability, dedication and relentless pursuit for an excellent performance. These characteristics, together with the high motivation levels shown by their students, dictate the quality of teaching at Universidade Europeia.

Universidade Europeia is guided by its excellent training of students, preparing them for the labour market. This characteristic is very much present in the students we receive, who present skills and knowledge which greatly contribute to their performance, indicative of their high potential. These traits lead us to consider Universidade Europeia an important source of recruitment, namely in vacancies for trainees.”


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