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European University's Tourism and Hospitality department celebrates its 60th anniversary

29 feb 2024


"In the current context, Tourism in Portugal has shown exceptional results, and in line with this phenomenon, the European University reaffirms its commitment to boosting the sector through a series of actions in close partnership with the sector that aim to involve not only current students, but also Alumni. Furthermore, on the pretext of the 60th anniversary celebrations, the various celebratory activities will also target teaching and non-teaching staff, industry partners, organizations, leading associations and the tourism and hospitality business fabric in Portugal," says Sofia Almeida, Coordinator of the Tourism and Hospitality Area at the European University.

One of these initiatives is the creation of the IN_SPIRA Mentor Exchange, in which experienced professionals, recognized as mentors, offer guidance, advice and support to students and/or recent graduates. This mentoring relationship aims to help the mentee's professional and personal development and growth by sharing knowledge, experiences and insights relevant to their career growth. The IN_SPIRA Mentor Exchange will be formally presented during the 60th anniversary celebrations.

Also planned is the launch of a season of podcasts aimed at highlighting the European University's 60 years of academic excellence and significant contributions to the development and advancement of the tourism industry, recognizing and celebrating current, past and future projects and initiatives. The "WE, VOICE" podcast aims to actively engage professors and industry professionals in relevant tourism discussions, encouraging participation, institutional pride and collaboration in future tourism-related initiatives at the University.

The podcast aims to raise awareness of important issues related to tourism, such as sustainability, social responsibility, diversity and inclusion, as well as encouraging dialogue and engagement between the academic community and the general public. The podcast will be available monthly on the European University's YouTube and Spotify platforms, as well as via social media.

Another initiative to mark the 60th anniversary is the launch of the "60 Years of Tourism and Hospitality Book", which will compile 60 Years of History and Legacy in the field of Tourism and Hospitality that the European University continues to preserve.

The European University's Tourism and Hospitality Management degree offer stands out for its innovative academic model, which combines face-to-face classes with digital content, offering a flexible and personalized learning experience. These courses are also recognized for the unique approach that integrates the most advanced technology with human knowledge, preparing students to achieve their professional goals.

According to recruitment company Michael Page, there is a growing demand for qualified professionals in the areas of commercial management, F&B and accommodation, as well as in more operational roles. With this celebration, the European University aims to enhance the tourism and hospitality sector in Portugal and strengthen its role as an active agent in the promotion and dissemination of tourism and hospitality.