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Joao Atanásio and Ricardo Morgado present "Dicionário do Ensino Superior" at Universidade Europeia

12 apr 2024


João Atanásio, a professor at Universidade Europeia, and Ricardo Morgado, a lawyer, presented the book "Dicionário do Ensino Superior" (Dictionary of Higher Education) at a session held in the auditorium of Quinta do Bom Nome, at Universidade Europeia, last Tuesday, April 9.

This book, published by Almedina, is the FIRST tool in Portugal that, in a systematized and simplified way, helps all interested parties and stakeholders to understand Higher Education.

The event, which was also attended by Nuno Crato, former Minister of Science, Technology and Higher Education (who prefaced the dictionary), and Pedro Barbas Homem, as president of the Portuguese Association of Educational Law, took place in front of a packed audience. The rector of Universidade Europeia, Hélia Gonçalves Pereira, gave the opening speech.

At the end of the session, a small book sale was held on site, preceded by a brief autograph session by the authors, whose aim with this book is to clarify concepts and open up avenues for further knowledge.