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Europa Education announces significant expansion of its educational project in Portugal

10 may 2024

Oriente Green Campus

The new facilities are part of the Oriente Green Campus, managed by Norfin SGOIC and owned by a real estate fund on behalf of Orion Capital Managers, with which a long-term contract has been signed.

The new campus has 17,000m2 of space for classrooms, laboratories, a cafeteria, a library, social areas, study and simulation areas. Thanks to its innovative environment, it will provide students with an ecosystem of knowledge and creativity that will promote experiential learning through the use of the latest technologies applied to education.

The project to expand and reorganize Europa Education's campuses in Portugal stems from the Group's commitment to academic excellence and its students. New facilities are being incorporated which, together with the existing ones, will strengthen the presence of Europa Education's institutions in Lisbon and facilitate the full implementation of the unique and differentiated Academic Model that characterizes the educational Group.

"This new space is more than just a state-of-the-art, modern and avant-garde infrastructure; it is the materialization of a qualitative leap in the field of innovation, quality and dynamism in the teaching and learning experience that the institutions offer students. The building will be a key element in driving not only the project in Portugal, but also the development of higher education as a whole," said Carlos Bertrán, the Group's general manager in Portugal.

For his part, Henrique Rodrigues da Silva, COO of the Norfin Group, says: "We are very pleased to have an educational establishment with an international dimension, as is the case with the Europa Education group."

In the same vein, Gauthier Renaud, Partner at Orion Capital Managers, which represents the shareholder of the Multiusos Oriente Fund, owner of the Oriente Green Campus, explains: "The Fund is thrilled to welcome Europa Education's new university campus to the Oriente Green Campus."

The new campus, combined with the unique and distinctive academic model of Europa Education institutions, means a major step forward in higher education in Portugal, offering an innovative, high-level educational project in line with international best practice.

The current campuses of Quinta do Bom Nome, Lispolis and Santos, in Lisbon, and IPAM in Porto, will be joined by the Oriente Green Campus, also in Lisbon.