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Universidade Europeia presents postgraduate training for 2024

12 jan 2024

The postgraduate and specialist courses will start in April and May 2024 and feature programs designed for professionals looking for advanced skills, combining theory and practice through immersive methodologies and experiential learning. These programs feature a training model that is fully compatible with active professionals, since our model combines face-to-face classes and live online classes for up to 20% of the program.

The next editions of the Universidade Europeia:

- Postgraduate Diploma in Image, Protocol and Event Organization (34th Edition): Coordinated by Professor Carla Cachola, it has the participation of lecturers from various areas such as Tiago Barquinha - CEO of Mojobrands, Rui Ochôa - journalist and photographer, Teresa Byrne - TByrne Consulting.

- Specialization Course in Labour Legislation (2nd Edition): Coordinated by Professor Isabel Moço, it has the endorsement of APG (Portuguese Association of People Management).

- Postgraduate Diploma in Management (6th Edition): Coordinated by Professor José Manuel Fonseca, it has renowned lecturers such as Luís Madureira, Orlando Fontan and António Sacavém.

- Postgraduate Diploma in Project Management (9th Edition): Coordinated by Professor Orlando Fontan, it has two partners: Reloading and Scopphu.

We highlight two innovations in the area of health sciences:

- Advanced Program in Integrated Health Communication (1st Edition)

- Postgraduate Program in Health Law and Bioethics (1st Edition)