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Universidade Europeia promotes round table at BTL'24 to discuss resources in the hotel industry

15 feb 2024

'From welcome to experience: humanization in hospitality' is the motto for the round table which will include the participation of Adélia Carvalho, general director of the Valverde Group and mentor of the Valverde Academy, Jaime Sarmento, from the UIP YHotel Group, Porto, Isabel Moço, professor of Human Resources and coordinator of the Universidade Europeia, Ana Paula Pais, director of training at Turismo de Portugal, and Leonardo Simões, President of ADHP Junior. The moderator will be Sofia Almeida, coordinator of the Tourism and Hospitality area at the Universidade Europeia, which has nine programs, including undergraduate, postgraduate and master's degrees.

"The round table on the humanization of hospitality will highlight the importance of hospitality, valuing human resources and personalized attention to guests as creators of memorable experiences. The aim is to discuss strategies and practices to promote the quality of services and strengthen the relationship between staff and customers, assuming that without people, there is no service," says Sofia Almeida.

Bolsa de Turismo de Lisboa is one of the biggest tourism fairs in Portugal. Every year, participants have the opportunity to learn about the latest trends in the tourism market, take part in workshops, seminars and conferences on topics relevant to the tourism industry, and discover new business opportunities and partnerships. It's therefore the right time to address the importance of the hospitality experience and valuing human resources in the tourism sector.

The round table will take place on the second day of BTL, February 29, at 10 a.m., on the BPI Stage in Pavilion 3 of FIL. BTL kicks off on February 28 and runs until March 3.