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Associação Portuguesa de Nutrição supports Universidade Europeia courses

26 sep 2023

Universidade Europeia (UE) has established a new protocol with APN - Associação Portuguesa de Nutrição, a strategic partnership and a significant milestone in higher education in the field of Nutrition in Portugal. According to the memorandum, APN undertakes to provide institutional support and scientific sponsorship for the Advanced Program in Nutrition in Sport and Exercise and the 100% Online Postgraduate Degree in Clinical Nutrition, both offered by the Faculty of Health Sciences (FCS) of UE.

The FCS Advanced Program in Sports and Exercise Nutrition is accredited by the Order of Nutritionists and certified by the IPDJ, due to its academic excellence and practical orientation, preparing students to act as specialists in sports nutrition. The Postgraduate Diploma in Clinical Nutrition, on the other hand, offers in-depth and complementary training in nutrition that is more targeted at different pathologies and health conditions.

"This partnership is an important step in consolidating our educational offer, promoting research and the clinical practice of Nutrition in Portugal. We are very excited to join forces with an organization like APN, which is so respected in the field of nutrition. We anticipate significant impacts for our programs and the academic community," says Lourdes Martin, director of the Faculty of Health Sciences at UE.

"The APN's activities are carried out in partnership with the main national and international teaching, research and innovation bodies, thus boosting the person-centered health sciences. The UE is, by its nature, a suitable support for the development of teaching, training and research projects and for the technical and scientific qualification and development of its health professionals," emphasizes Célia Craveiro, president of the board of APN.

This protocol will open up dissemination opportunities for the European University, as well as training actions, events, conferences and research projects.