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European University organizes 2nd Dental Medicine Symposium: "The future of Dental Medicine: Technological developments and teaching"

24 mar 2023


The European University promoted, on 27 May, the 2nd Dental Medicine Symposium, under the theme "The Future of Dental Medicine: Technological Evolution and Teaching". In a world of constant change, Dental Medicine also follows the revolution of new technologies through new treatments, clinical protocols and the adoption of artificial intelligence, and the debate about the new challenges was the central theme.

The event was attended by renowned speakers in the sector who debated the implications of technology in clinical practice and teaching, such as José Manuel Silva Marques, professor and dentist, Orlando Silva, professor and dentist, and Helena Costa, dentist.

"As universities are the centre of change and knowledge transfer, it is crucial that they are the stage for debate. It is essential that teaching keeps up with technological developments, both in terms of equipment and teaching methods, so that students are always up to date with the latest concepts. The European University invests a lot in technology, not only to teach classes but also through its teaching model. This innovation is not part of the future, it is the present. Therefore, we have to keep up, and as a Teaching Institution we have the responsibility to keep up", states Paulo Maia.


The round table discussion about the "Future of Dentistry - Technological Evolution and Teaching in Dentistry", moderated by Paulo Maia, coordinator of the Dentistry area at the European University and a dentist, counted on the interventions of Helena Costa, José Manuel Silva Marques and Orlando Silva, as well as Margarita Gómez Sánchez, dentist and vice dean of Dentistry at the Universidad Europea de Madrid.

The event was closed by the conclusions of the director of the Faculty of Health Sciences, Lourdes Martín Méndez.