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Spotting global hotel & tourism shifting trends
The Tourism and Hospitality School is a leading school in the area of Hospitality. Its mission is to prepare leading global professionals, capable of adapting to the industry’s constant innovations. Paying attention to new opportunities in the area of Tourism, FTH promotes several dynamics that aim at awakening an entrepreneurial spirit with a sustainable concern towards the future of the country and of the planet we inhabit.

Global Experience

Access to Schools of excellence and international prestige, bringing the world closer to students.

Experiential Labs

Labs developed in close collaboration with the industry (Gourmet Academy, Academy of Languages, Tourism Lab, Tech Lab, Travel Agency Lab, Virtual Lab).

Professional Immersion

Partnerships with leading companies in the industry, allowing for the real application of knowledge acquired, either through traineeships or challenges set in the classroom.


Rita Balsemão
Ex-Student of Hospitality & Tourism Management

I chose the Hospitality & Tourism Management course because it is the only one in Portugal that has a transversal perspective of the tourism and the hotel industry. This course has made it possible for me to study abroad on the other side of the world, and has opened doors to an international career. The university organizes several initiatives that bring us closer to stakeholders and challenge us with real business problems. It was on one of these adventures that my life changed. At Universidade Europeia I grew as a person and prepared myself as a professional.

Andreia Oliveira
Former Student of Tourism

The Bachelor's degree in Tourism from Universidade Europeia is an asset for anyone wanting to work in an industry as important as tourism. During my academic path, I have acquired knowledge which, nowadays, I can put into practice, being valued. Regarding the academic staff, they also work actively in the labour market, which means they can share their opinions and advice

Joana Branquinho
Former Master's degree student

This Master's degree was a pleasant surprise which allowed me to broaden my horizons in distinct area of my base scientific training. To me, it is proving to be a very enriching experience, based on a strong theory and practice component, with a professional and experienced academic staff, leading to a greater understanding of the industry and its interactions. It is a degree that enables students to adapt to the most important and current themes of this visibly expanding industry, representing an asset in any professional’s career

Catarina Benedi
Former GM student and current Master's degree student

The Bachelor's degree in Hospitality Management from Universidade Europeia has been key to my training, specially to my professional and personal development where I was able to acquire the soft and hard skills necessary and interact with professors and professionals that have opened doors to me. The university is my second home.


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